Dasyatis americana (Southern Stingray)

  • Scientific Name: Dasyatis americana
  • Location animal is found (in USA): Western Atlantic ocean along the coast all the way up to New Jersey
  • Location animal is found (on Ossabaw): In waters surrounding the island
  • Habitat: Tropical & subtropical waters; sandy sea floor
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Chondrichthyes
  • Order: Myliobatiformes
  • Family: Dasyatidae
  • Description: Diamond shaped, flat. Dorsal side is brown, gray, or olive
  • Ecological role: They feed on bivalves, worms, crustaceans; parasites clean them
  • How the animal gathers food: Hides on the sandy bottom to sneak up on and attack smaller fishes
  • What type of food the animal eats: Bivalves, worms, crustaceans, & small fishes
  • Predators that prey on the animal: Large sharks, lemon sharks, and hammerheads
  • Reproduction: Biannual reproduction cycle; the embryo subsits on a yolk sac for nourishment early in development; about 4 pups a liter.
  • Humans effect on the animal: Swims with divers and snorklers and are hand fed at some locations. Some are tamed enough to be cradled in visitors arms.
  • Animal's effect on humans: Rod like tail can pirce human flesh and hurt really bad. (Ex: Steve Erwin)
  • Intresting facts: The suction power of thier mouth is simular to the powerful vacum cleaner.