Natural Remedies

Honey - Works for alergies, reducing swollen tonsils, and skin.

Avocados and healthy skin
For an excellent skin complexion, rub one or more of the following items against the skin two to four times a week: papaya pulp, avocado, cucumber, spirulina, fresh noni fruit and/or aloe vera. For dry skin, rub hempseed oil, jojoba oil and MSM lotion directly into the skin. This will alleviate dryness quickly. Or use avocado on the skin directly. Avocado oil is similar to our skin's oil.

Although high in calories, avocados are nutrient-dense, ensuring that you’re giving your body what it needs for muscle growth. One cup of avocado provides 20 percent or more of your daily recommended value of potassium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, along with monounsaturated fat. Eating avocados will help you keep your calorie counts where they should be for gaining muscle mass while moderating your saturated fat intake.

Every avocado contains nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients—nutrients derived from plant material that provide a defense against cancers, heart disease, and signs of premature aging.