About Me
  What is there to say about me?


My name's Jeremy. Thats a good start. I'm on Facebook if you ever want to check me out.

I'm a pretty cool guy generally. I like Flash cause it's so easy to build a quick little anything with graphics and all of that at your finger tips.

I mountain bike as much as possible and like to ski and push the limits and see where it takes me. I hate doing anything without getting better. I guess that's how I feel about my programming.

I've always loved programming. It's so nice to see something you made come to life and be exaclty what you planned. The first time I wrote anything with the slightest amount of intelligence that did anything on it's own I got butterflies in my stomach. Something about it just working like you wanted feels great. Anyways I'm rambling.

If I have one piece of advice it's that you should always try to get better at whatever your doing. People always ask me how I'm such a good programmer (and I'm not, by the way) but I never have an answer. I guess that's why. I just try to get better and I'm always pushing me limits. I experiment and see where it takes me. And now I sound like like a high school classroom poster. Fuck.

Oh and for everyone out there who realized I built this on GooglePages: Yes I know. It's on GooglePages. I'm lazy. And cheap. Shut up.

Find me:

Email: jeremy[dot]moseley[at]gmail[dot]com

MSN: See above

Facebook: Jeremy Moseley

If you can't get a hold of me and my address and my credit cards by now, tough luck.