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Welcome to my site. This is a place to house all my work and stuff.

Just to let everyone know right away, I don't guarantee to update this site, well, ever unless I make something good. However feel free to have a look at everything or drop me an email.


  • 23/08/07 - BattleTanks Retro - This is BattleTanks before I went to far and added all the extra features. Just good old fashioned crappy AI shooting. Yay.
  • 18/08/07  - Game Tutorial: Part 2 - This is part of the game tutorial series. This chapter discussing placing the character and moving it with the keyboard keys.
  • 17/08/07 - Game Tutorial: Part 1 - This is part one of a series of chapters on building a basic game. Chapter one talks about tiles and the building of a map.
  • 17/08/07 - BattleTanks - A simple tank game, done entirely in AS (and compiled using this online compiler cause I don't have Flash at work). It incorporates a number of AI elements including line of sight calculation and basic obstacle avoidance. The AI is pretty stupid and I'm going to improve on them as soon as I optimize the code some. But enjoy and it was fun to build.
  • 11/08/07 - 3Draw - This is a prototype of my 3D Drawing application. It offers all x, y and z views in which to draw and a 3D view to see it. Use the mousewheel to adjust depth of drawing plane and click and drag the 3d view to rotate.