I work on econometric methods and applications of machine learning to causal inference. More specifically, I have worked on the synthetic control method and high-dimensonal statistics for policy evaluation. You can find my research papers here. I'm also interested in natural language processing and neural networks. I hold a PhD in Economics from Université Paris-Saclay, prepared at CREST/ENSAE Paris.

I currently work as a quantitative research associate at Capital Fund Management (CFM).

News :

Christophe Gaillac and I are writing a textbook on machine learning methods for econometrics, which is an extended version of the "Machine Learning for Econometrics" lecture notes that are available on this page (see the "Teaching" section). The French version is almost complete (one chapter left !) and will likely be released in 2022.

Contact information :

jeremy [dot] l [dot] hour at ensae [dot] fr

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You can download my CV here.