"What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare." - W. H. Davies.

Hello, and welcome to my photography website, Jeremy Inglis Photography. I am a U.K.-based photographer, currently living in Swansea, Dylan Thomas's "Ugly, lovely town". Most of my images are taken here in the south Wales area, many on the beautiful Gower Peninsula just to the west of me. This site showcases a small selection of my photographs, mainly centred on my interest in natural history. Click on the links in the sidebar to see pictures of a particular subject. Should you wish to see a larger selection of my work, please visit Alamy, or click on the Alamy box at the bottom of the page. For my latest activities, be sure to check out my Blog page, which can also be viewed separately here. If you have enjoyed your visit to Jeremy Inglis Photography, please sign my guestbook. Thank you for visiting my website!
Note: All photographs on this website are the copyright of the author, and are thus protected under United Kingdom and international copyright law. If you wish to use any of these pictures, please visit Alamy, where these and many other images are available for sale. Jeremy Inglis Photography is not a source of free photographs. Any unauthorised users will be hunted down and destroyed!
Stock photography by Jeremy+Inglis at Alamy   
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