I am a post-doctoral researcher with MindCORE at the University of Pennsylvania, where I work with Florian Schwarz, John Trueswell and Charles Yang. I received my PhD from the Institute Jean Nicod, ENS in 2014. My dissertation, co-directed by Paul Égré and Orin Percus, is entitled Vagueness, Presupposition and Truth Value Judgments.

I am a semanticist and pragmatics: I study how the meanings of words and phrases interact with the contexts in which they are used, with the aim of understanding how speakers use the finite set of words in their language to describe a potentially infinite variety of situations. I am particularly interested in (i) how different words encode information in layers (entailments vs presuppositions) and (ii) how speakers talk about scalar concepts (why does ‘too warm’ always mean 'not cool enough' whereas ‘too mild’ sometimes mean 'not cool enough' but sometimes 'not hot enough'?).

As part of my work as an experimentalist in Florian Schwarz's Lab, I have been implementing experiments using the online software Ibex, developed by Alex Drummond. In January 2018, we received a research grant from the University of Pennsylvania to consolidate them into a user-friendly library, PennController. [ Quick Overview ]