Contact me:

jeremy.e.zehr /at/ gmail.com

I currently work as an application developer for the Linguistic Data Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania

Prior to that, I was a post-doctoral researcher in the Linguistics department of the University of Pennsylvania, where I continue to work with Florian Schwarz. My research is centered around two axes:

  1. how speakers talk about scalar concepts (eg. ‘too mild’ can mean 'not cool or not hot enough,' but 'too warm' only means the former)
  2. how different words encode information in layers (eg. how do 'still' and 'again' relate past information to present information?)

I defended my dissertation Vagueness, Presupposition and Truth Value Judgments in 2014, uner the co-supervision of Paul Égré and Orin Percus

I am the developer and maintainer of PennController for IBEX (PCIbex) a user-friendly solution to design web-based experiments, built on the software Ibex originally developed by Alex Drummond. PCIbex is a joint project with Florian Schwarz and it was made possible through a research grant from the University of Pennsylvania [ Quick Overview ]