I am a post-doctoral researcher at Florian Schwarz's Lab at UPenn, on the NSF funded project "Presuppositions in Online Language Comprehension".

My research investigates the notion of non-bivalence in natural languages, both from a theoretical and an experimental point of view. My work has focused on the phenomena of vagueness and presupposition. I am also interested in the typology of gradable adjectives.

I completed a PhD in Linguistics at the Institut Jean Nicod (ENS) in 2014 under the joint supervision of Paul Égré and Orin Percus. My dissertation, entitled "Vagueness, Presupposition and Truth Value Judgments", proposes and experimentally tests a 4- and a 5-valued logical system designed to jointly address vagueness and presupposition.

As part of my work as an experimentalist in Florian Schwarz's Lab, I have been implementing experiments using the online software Ibex, developed by Alex Drummond. You can find a list of some of the modules that I have been developing on the Lab's wiki. There's also a GitHub repository.