Great known, and lesser known, resources to check out.

1., typesetting

It just came out: allows you to write in tex and see the results immediately and, on top of that, provides easy access to the document to all coauthors. And, did I mention it? it's free!

2. Bakomatex, typesetting.

The very best in scientific typesetting. Here is why it easily beats the sci-word or winedt alternatives.

    • auto-corrects most common code errors
    • reasonably priced (around $80).
    • available pc, mac and linux.

3. AAA commons, research events.

A great repository of research resources for accounting, including conferences announcements and webcasts of events.

4. Adobe Illustrator, figure editing.

If you have been doing your research illustrations from powerpoint, it will change your perspective.

5. Google sites, websites.

Yes, obviously, I am not doing beauty when doing my own research webpages. But it's so simple and quick to update!

6. Youtube Matlab starter course.

Great one-hour training to get started with Matlab.

7. T. Sargent's and J. Stachurski's tutorial and other resources for scientific computing using Python and Julia.

Introduction to two simple languages for scientific computing.

Accounting conferences with a focus on theory

These are great meetings to attend as an up-and-coming new researchers in accounting.

Jr. Accounting Theory Conference

open to all, this year August 2014 in Atlanta

the best place (!) to meet with other theorists in accounting

Chicago-Minnesota Theory Conference

Carnegie Mellon mini-theory Conference

The two primary high-profile theory meetings in the US, with many well-seasoned theory researchers.

Accounting Research Workshop, Bern-Fribourg, Switzerland

A rotating meeting that is a central venue for European theory.

    • combines wysiwyg and tex writing
    • type word-style or in code and see the results continuously