What They Say

On this page you will read from a few of the inmates of how much they enjoy the visits and our friendship. We visit so many others too!  Thank you for sending us!
Jeremiah has been released

Jeremiah is still apart of our life.
My life has been changed by the Lord, the love of family and friends!
Jeremiah was released on December 21, 2014 and he got married March 21, 2015 to the love of his life, Valerie. Jeremiah is now giving his testimony of how God has changed his life! He has a great job! God is Faithful. 

Here is an article Jeremiah wrote while in Prison.
I need to start this off by thanking the Lord for being so good to me, for bringing me through yet another year. I feel like the Psalmist when he writes, “If it had not been for the Lord on our side, where would we be”? Where would I be? Well, I am sure if we would all be honest with ourselves we would all be in a messed up state huh?
I want to thank you all the readers and supporters of JPM, I want you to know that your prayers, encouragement, and support is not in vain. I am sure you have all read or at least heard the scripture out of Matthew 25:36 were Jesus was instructing his disciples on how the Lord will separate the sheep and the goats, and he (Jesus) makes a profound statement that confuses his disciples. Jesus said, “When I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty you gave me drink and when I was naked and sick you looked after me, and {When I was in Prison you came and visited me}”. The disciples could not understand when any of these things happened to Jesus and He even said when you did this to the least of these my brothers, you did for me! So thank you for not only giving to me, but also for giving to Jesus!
Rev. Cohee or as I call him Tom has been such a Blessing to me. He is truly one of my Best-Friends. My Father told me when I was young that if you can find 2 Best-Friends in your Life Time, you have got something Special, and in Tom I have found something special. I could pick many stories to tell you about how much his visits have meant to me, but the one that sticks out the most is when they allowed Tom to come into the Prison for the first time and preach at our Chapel service, and I was able to introduce him to the congregation. There were not many dry eyes in the chapel by the time I was through, or maybe it looked that way because my eyes were so teary. Tom has been a great friend and a wonderful inspiration to me through my time of incarceration. We continue to rejoice together patiently waiting for the day of my release so we can be together side by side sharing some Awesome, Mind Blowing Testimonies that the Lord has done for us. Oh how I could easily venture into them, but I will save them for another time.
Once again I thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragement it is so appreciated by all of us. Please continue to keep me in your prayers as I do for you also.
Your Faithful Brother in Chains Physically But Spiritually Flying Free!! By Jeremiah
Great News ~Jeremiah was released December 21 2014!

We had the opportunity to be with Larry when he was released. The letter below is from him several years ago.

Well another fall is upon us again, and I must say, God does make a lot of beautiful things this time of year, he paints the earth many beautiful colors such as, reds, oranges, and yellow, but one of the most beautiful things of all, that I seen him create in the fall, was the Jeremiah Prison Ministry, ten years ago this coming November. As you know it all started because of the love for one man, and from that one man, many more would follow.
I soon became a part of the Jeremiah Prison Ministry right after it started, and right from the start I knew my life was going to change, God was giving me a special gift, he was going to put me in touch with someone who would put me in touch with him, that I would be able to learn the love of God, and know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ.
Sixteen years ago my heart was heavy, and cold, I hated life, I only lived for one day to end another to start, I couldn’t feel love, or knew that anyone cared. But soon things would change, I would have my first visit with Rev, Thomas Cohee and right from the start I knew that I was in the present of a wonderful man, a man who had a love so strong for God, that you could see it all over him, he made me feel calm right from the start and as he started to share the word of God with me, my heart started to crack, and after many more visits, with his kindness, his love, his caring, and understanding, and a big dose of the word, he cracked all the way through my heart, the love of God poured in, and life soon would return, and I found someone cared, someone loved me, I have thanked God many of times for bringing someone so special as the Rev. Thomas Cohee into my life.
And when I thought God couldn't bring anything better, over seven years ago he brought the Rev. Monica Cohee into the Ministry, and little did I know, that she also would share, care, and love, just as Rev. Thomas did, I must say what a powerful couple they make, I know God must be pleased to see the beautiful work they are doing in his name. God picks very special people to do his work, and he has picked the very best to run the Jeremiah Prison Ministry.
I would like to thank God, and the Rev. Cohee’s for helping me through my walk, for letting me know that Jesus Christ is alive, and he died for me, and through him I will have life, and all I have to do is trust, and believe in him, and live the word. I am not perfect but through the help of the Jeremiah Prison ministry I am on my way. In ending I would like to thank the Cohee’s for a beautiful 18 years, and how ever long I am in prison I hope the ministry will be with me, and to all of the many supporter’s I would like to say thank you for your support, and many prayer’s, with out God and you this ministry could not be what it is today, and remember you are doing Gods work also with your support, and prayers, I love you and so does God, many, many thanks, and may God Bless us all. With all my love to you Thomas and Monica, you have made me a new person thank you. Your Friend Larry
(Larry was a  juvenile lifer and was released October 10, 2017. 

I have known Tom and Monica for a number of years now, and it would be easy for me to come up with a long laundry list of examples of how I have been blessed by them during that time; but, I’m sure that the other guys will cover most of what I would have to say. I’m reminded by the fact that there were two great speeches given at Gettysburg, one lasting over two hours, and the other lasting just a few minutes. I don’t think it is a mistake that it is the shorter one, given by Abraham Lincoln, that we all remember still today.
With that said, let me briefly tell you that Tom and Monica have become a second pair of parents to me. They have shown me nothing, but love and encouragement. In the grand scheme of things, compared to sending His Son to die for me, Tom and Monica visiting and befriending a man in prison, who has deservedly been discarded by society, may not seem like such a big deal to some. Not too me. I don’t tell them enough, but they are a gift of God to me. Just one more example of how much God loves me, and the other guys. To me, and I bet God feels the same way, is no small thing. Tom and Monica, I love you. God bless.
Love Corey (Corey is a juvenile lifer and will have the opportunity to have his sentence reviewed 2017)

To the Jeremiah Prison Ministry Partners and Friends. Pastors Tom and Monica Cohee were my spiritual advisors for 14 and a half years. The first time I met them, I thought I better be on my best behavior. It turns out, they don’t think I’m as bad as I thought I was. I needed to just open my mind up to the Lord. All things are possible with Jesus.
Every time they came to see me, it’s nothing but pure joy in the name of Jesus. I know I’m still not where I need to be in God’s eyes but Tom and Monica give their positive opinion and encouragement to do what it takes to go down the path of faith and hope. Even when I don’t tell them that something is wrong, the next day it seems like they know I need to talk to them. I know God’s always there for me when I need him. It sure is nice to have Tom and Monica right there behind him.
The biggest thing they have given me is their friendship. They are eternal friends in Christ and you can’t go wrong with that gift. JPM has helped me take direction in my life. Turning everything over to God has brought more happiness to me even here in prison.
Through Tom and Monica, God has blessed me. I hope and pray they will be a blessing to you also. Love, Chris (Chris is now released and stays in touch)

I was asked my Pastor Monica to write about Jeremiah Ministry and what it means to me. I sat here and thought what Pastor Tom and the ministry means to me and truthfully words are hard to explain what Pastor Tom has done for me but I’ll try my best to put them into words.
I met Pastor Tom Cohee through another spiritual advisor named William Long. Pastor Tom became my spiritual advisor for eight years ago and he has visited me a number times. He became my pastor and friend and more then anything he became my big brother. He counsels me and teaches me things about the Bible. He sent me a very special Bible; he has sent me cards and helped me when I was in the need.
I made arrangements with the Pastor here at the prison for Pastor Tom to come in and preach, we were blessed to have him and his wife, Monica, plus they sang together. The men here are still looking forward to Pastor Tom and his wife, Monica, to come preach again.
While Pastor Tom was doing the prison ministry his wife was working, she wanted to be apart of the prison ministry. Pastor Monica quit her job and now is a part of the prison ministry full-time. Pastor Tom comes and visits me when able plus Pastor Monica comes and visits three other men on a rotation. They are very devoted to the ministry and I thank God for the both of them.
It’s a little hard for me to put into words what JPM means to me. It would be wonderful thing if other brothers and sisters would become a partner of JPM to share the gospel of Jesus Christ that’s what really touches me about JPM. Their love for Jesus first then the inmates. Imagine if Pastors Tom and Monica could expand JPM through the prison system; a lot more men and women would learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ, through books, newsletters and etc.
I hope that I have explained a little of what JPM really means to me this was only a little portion. From a brother in Christ, Anthony

As I sit here and write this letter, I can’t help but smile and rejoice. I smile because it feels like I am in some way assisting those who have been a blessing to me. I rejoice as I think of all the wonderful visits and all the Godly wisdom Rev. Monica Cohee has shared with me. She has really helped me get through some rough times and I am truly thankful for the blessings this ministry has given me. Now I would like to share with you who I am and how this ministry has helped me.
My name is Gregory, I am serving a life sentence at SCI Mahanoy. In the time I have been incarcerated I’ve always been able to get by because I was willing to do a lot of things that others wouldn't. Whether it was gambling, stealing, selling drugs or extortion, I was into it. Then something happened where my closet friends got shipped out and I escaped scot-free. It was at that time I began to wonder why I was the only one left (ever body else got caught and went to the hole/RHU, from both sides). Then while talking to a friend, not a Christian, he asked me did I think there was a purpose that I was still here. I was shocked that he would be asking me if I thought God wanted to use me because this man did not believe anything. (But now I know it was God for He is not a respecter of persons.)
So after that I went in and said a prayer asking God to show me what He would have me to do. After recommitting my life to the Lord, He guided me and changed my life in ways I never thought possible. He had me start a Bible study on the block, help start a drama team in the prison chapel and raised me up to be a leader in our prison chapel. As I grew in the Lord I started to notice that more and more of my time was being given to others and it seemed as if no one was willing to give me any time. I had to hear all of the brothers’ problems no matter how big or small but I had no one to hear my problems.
I started feeling frustrated and resentful, and then God sent Jeremiah Prison Ministry into my life and blessed me with Rev. Monica Cohee. A woman that loves the Lord and because of that love, loves me also. She is a person I can share with and not feel judged. A person I know will always give the advice that is best for me even if it is not what I want to hear. Someone that has expanded the scriptures for me and has shown me such kindness that I sometimes cry tears of joy thanking God for sending me such a blessing. When I was unable to contact my family for about 8 months, she stepped right in and became my family. Being in prison for so long, my family circle has basically depleted to one person out there helping and supporting me. As they get older it is becoming harder for them to make the trip up to see me. JPM has not only comforted me but it has also been a comfort to my family. By them knowing I am getting visits, they don’t feel so much pressure to come see me and don’t feel so bad when they can’t make it up.
Basically what I am saying is that Jeremiah Prison Ministry has been a true blessing in my life and through me have touched hundreds of people. I thank God for you and all your partners who have helped show the love of Christ to me and others like me.
God Bless, Gregory
(update since Greg was accessory of a juvenile lifer he should have the opportunity to have his sentence reviewed 2018)
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To the members of Jeremiah Prison Ministry, I first want to thank you in the name of Jesus, for your love and kindness, and for your service to the our Lord and Savior. It is truly a blessing to experience the love of Christ through our brothers and sisters in the faith. Because of your faithful service I am both seeing and witnessing through personal experience according to your service, Matthew 25:34-40 came alive in my life, and therefore I both praise our Lord and Savior and thank him for your obedience to his word. Amen!
I want to express my appreciation for this ministry, the faithful partners and friends. Your are reaching and touching so many lives and helping to renew the hope of so many who are broken hearted and heavy burdened. I want to thank you and your faithful partners for helping to fulfill this through God’s Holy Spirit. Isaiah 61
At this time I would like to share with you as well as all of the partners and friends a short testimony regarding how this ministry has both touched, changed and improved my life, as well as my walk with the Lord. Within this past year, and ever since the Lord has brought JPM into my life I have been uplifted both spiritually and personally (mentally & emotionally) and am full of hope.
Before this ministry entered my life I have never had a spiritual advisor. That touched me so profoundly and because this ministry I am now able to see a brighter future no matter what life circumstances might bring. I am beginning to learn and understand what God’s love really means.
In November of 2005, I met one of the Lord’s faithful servants, Rev. Monica Cohee. She began visiting with me shortly after another faithful brother by the name of Anthony introduced us. And since that time, the time that we have spent fellowshipping with one another during our visits has been some of the most rewarding spiritual moments in my life. I am so grateful unto God that he has allowed me to receive such a great blessing. By Rev. Monica Cohee being in my life, she has encouraged me spiritually, mentally and emotionally; and she has helped to guide me through some of my most darkest moments. Through her fellowship on our visits as well as our correspondence the Lord is allowing me to learn through her what it truly means to “Love your Neighbor, as yourself.” I want to take this time to say thank you to Rev. Monica for all the joy, happiness, friendship, and guidance that we are sharing through our love for Christ. Thank you!
In closing I would like to express to all the faithful partners and friends of Jeremiah Prison Ministry that I both love and appreciate you as well as your service for our Lord, Christ Jesus in the lives of the people you are touching. Please continue with the love that you are showing to all of the people that are reaching out to. The Lord is and shall always be pleased with the work that you are doing for you are truly the Lord’s good & faithful servant. I pray a blessing on each and every one of the partners and friends in the name of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! Peace be with you all for your brother in Christ, Billy.

It is hard to put into words how much Pastors Tom and Monica Cohee, have affected my spiritual walk with Christ. When I first met them I had to put on the Sunday best, bridle the tongue, curve the youthful enthusiasm, in short put on a holy mask. Pastor Cohee saw right through that the first day and was able to ease the tension in my stubborn pride. 
He spoke of Jesus and HIS promises, the Jesus I thought I knew growing yet soon to find out there was an astronomical amount yet untouched. He helped me learn exactly who I was in Christ, and how to release the power of HIS might in my life. Today when I see them, I know that I will be blessed with encouragement, with hope. I have someone to explore with, to be challenged by, to argue principals and beliefs with. I have someone to hold me accountable for my actions when the pressures of the world seem impossible to overcome. Just a few days ago they reminded me that I am more than a conqueror I am more than I’ll ever know, because HE is who HE is. 
I guess it wasn’t as hard as I thought to put into words how much I love these people.... I am who I am because JPM reminds me, encourages me, loves me, helps me seek, fights for me to seek, and shows me how to form my own bond with the ONE WHO IS WHO HE IS. 
Thank you JPM you’ve helped this selfish, ungrateful little boy, turn into a GOD-fearing man.I love you, TYE Update: Tye has been released

I was incarcerated for 20 years and maxed out. I first became involved in this Ministry about a two years ago, through my cellmate Jeremiah. He kept after me about needing a Spiritual Advisor to visit me on a regular basis. Although I kept saying no, each time it was brought to me it became harder and harder, God was tugging at my broken heart and intemperance nature that I was so familiar with. Although I accepted Christ as my Savior years ago, it has been a lonesome road as a human being because of my past mistakes and abuse. Jesus has been with me the entire time, when others seemed to fail me, Jesus has forgiven me of all my sins and with each day that passes he grants me all his mercy and grace I need to live in this world or when I go home to be with Him in Heaven. 
You see, my family of JPM this Ministry is important even if it only reaches one soul for Him! Jesus will do the changes a person needs as long as we pray for them and show them our love and be patient and allow Christ to heal their broken hearts and lives. We are His instruments here on earth to reach out, and allow God to do the rest. 
Jesus did that for me through my cellmate and his family, and now through JPM and especially my Spiritual Advisor Rev. Cohee who I call by Tom. He is a True Friend that gives and asks for nothing in return. Along with Tom his wife Monica visits with inmates all over PA. I look forward to every visit with Tom and being able to sit with him, and talk to him about anything. His heart is for Jesus and you can always talk to him about spiritual things or if you are struggling with a problem he is there. He is filled with God’s Spirit and Love and truly cares about you as one of his own. He may not always agree with what is said but he will always love you as Jesus does too. I have met with his wife as Tom and I visit and she has the same Love of Christ in her, together they make a Beautiful Team.  In 2005 Rev. Monica became my spiritual advisor and her love and her insight really made a difference in my life. 
In closing I would like all the JPM members to listen to the voice of our Savior, and follow His guidance through this world. Be patient and understanding, and look through His Eyes when you look at others. Just maybe that person is struggling inside and only Jesus can touch and heal them. Remember it is “ALL” for the Glory of God. Need an example? Look at the Forgiveness that the Amish Community through Christ has shown to Richard Carl Roberts. Tell me Jesus is not alive and working through the hearts of His people. Listen to His voice He is calling amongst all the noise, can you hear Him? God Bless, Michael Michael passed on in 2018. 

I just wanted to send a short letter of encouragement by commending you all for serving me in the spirit of a genuine heart and not with one of duty. One can tell the difference real quick after being surrounded for 20 years with the few who serve & are genuinely helpful from the many who serve for their own agenda. You all have treated me as a friend & most importantly as a brother in Christ, which means a great deal to me and I thank you for that. 
In here you have Jailhouse Attorney’s which spend their time & energy speaking about the law, you have Gangsters of all sorts who spend their time & energy speaking about being a smarter criminal when they get out, you have others who go to school to get their G.E.D., or learn a trade who spend their time & energy speaking about carpentry, brick laying etc., which is a good thing but for me being a follower of Jesus Christ there is nothing that thrills my heart more than spending my time & energy conversing about different world topics & situation seasoned with a Biblical flavor. 
Thus the reason I enjoy your visits, knowing each time you arrive I’m about to engage with a brother & sister like minded. Thank you, and may our Lord who is rich in mercy bless you and all that you put your hands to. And always remember, the truth of ones desire is seen by their pursuit. God Bless. Much Love, Dan