Our History

Over the last 19 years we have seen 117 inmates leave and currently minister to 57 inmates in 5 states by mentoring and correspondence. We minister to many lifers in prison.  We ask that you would pray for them and pray for reform in the prison system across our nation. In our recent newsletters I have been publishing information about Juvenile Lifers Without Parole. We are waiting on PA to make a decision since the SCOTUS did a ruling on juvenile lifers without parole. Now the exciting new on January 25, 2016 in 6 to 3 decision the SCOTUS ruled in retro active case. So what does this mean? It means the inmate can have his/her sentence reviewed. Juvenile Lifers-Life Without Parole Watch this video

We continue ministering one on one to inmates in six prisons in PA State Prisons. October 2005 we saw on of our goals come to fruition, Monica is doing full-time ministry with Tom.  Praise the Lord!

We were at SCI Mahanoy in PA on January 9, 2005. Oh what an awesome day! There was approx. 300 inmates in attendance. We each were able to minister in song, Tom preached a powerful message "First things First", one inmate gave his heart to Jesus, about 15 inmates rededicated their life to Christ and 25 to 30 men came forward for deliverance. God's mercy and grace was awesome in the chapel. Pray for these men to walk with the Lord.


We are praising our Lord and Savior for the wonderful service we had at Mahanoy Prison Chapel on Sunday, March 28, 2004. It was an honor and a privilege to be able to minister in song and the word.

I stand amazed at how our God is everywhere at one time. Our Lord inhabits the praises of his people in prison, in church, on the streets, in a car..... There was truly a Spirit of Worship there at Mahanoy Prison Chapel and the anointing of the Holy Spirit moved mightily.

We are believing with the lifers for a miracle from God - I declare a new decree in the land written by Almighty God and place it on the Governor's desk! Speaking those things that are not as though they were for we are imitators of Jesus Christ, so we speak it into existence.

We love all the inmates and we are praying for every inmate in prisons across the US and the world to be saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. The chains of bondage are a prison whether you are inside a prison or out in the world. It our prayer that the inmates are released and the prisons are closed in Jesus Name.  We will need a plan to place every inmate in good jobs to support their families and we serve a God that owns the earth for its His footstool. So our God is big enough to get this done we just have to believe and receive in Jesus Name!

In 2003 SCI Camp Hill changed its policy for spiritual advisors to be able to minister in the chapel. Tom can only do one but not both and we do feel its important that men have one on one as some men have no visitors. So please pray with us for this policy to change.

September 29, 2002, we had another opportunity to minister at the Prison Chapel at SCI Camp Hill in Camp Hill, PA. There was 724 inmates in attendance in the four combined services, we had 75 new converts and over 150 men rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ. We stand in awe of our savior.

May 19, 2002, we ministered at the Prison Chapel in SCI Camp Hill, PA with around 1000 men in attendance. The Lord gave us 30 new converts, with over 500 re-dedications, and 99% of the men in attendance said the sinners prayer with us to make a new commitment to the Lord.

In the year 2001, we ministered twice at the Prison Chapel in SCI Camp Hill, PA and over 180 men came to Christ.

So let me take you back to the first time I entered a prison chapel service... it was at Camp Hill and when I entered the chapel I begin to weep at the multitude of men and the Lord spoke to me in question form, "Do you know why all these men are here?" I answered, yes Lord they messed up - that's why they are here. The Lord replied, "No!" and again he asked, "Do you know why all these men are here?" And I answered, "No Lord - why are they here?" The Lord replied, "It was Satan plans to destroy man because he is the head of his home... physically, emotionally and spiritually.  If Satan has man imprisoned than the family unit is headless."

I shared this with the inmates at Camp Hill and with inmates at Mahanoy because that same weeping spirit came over me and I knew they all needed to hear this. As Christians your responsibility to break this curse and cycle as Satan wants to destroy the family. God's first creation after Adam was the family. The family is the first church. Can you grasp ahold of this concept of what the Lord is showing me. God wants the family unit whole - not broken. So I curse this foul spirit in Jesus name that comes against every man, boy, women and girl to destroy the head, the seed.  Warn them that are on the outside so they don't fall into the trap of Satan and then we won't need any prisons. Satan makes sin look good but only for a season.

We pray for their families also, having a family member separated from you is not an easy thing. God is all merciful and full of compassion. These men made a mistake but I am so glad that when God forgives the slate is wiped clean.