Personal Information:

Jeppe Fock

Home Address:
Kongedybet 28, 5th;
DK2300 Copenhagen;

Phone number: +45 6062 8668
Marital state: Married, one child
Born: 6 May 1982
Citizenship: Danish

Career Aim / Personal Statement:

My educational background is in nano science, understood as the studies of processes at the nanometer length scale using the interdisciplinarity between chemistry, physic and biology. I started out doing my bachelor thesis on the biophysics of vesicles, and turned to DNA self-assembly (master thesis) and finally single molecular electronics, where I recently obtained a Phd. degree.


  • 2008 – 2011: Phd fellowship
    Title: Molecular Electronics, From bulk to single molecule.
    Supervisors: Kristine Kilså and Thomas Bjørnholm
    Work at the University of Copenhagen: Physical-chemical studies of molecules used for molecular electronics; UV-VIS spectroscopy (steady state and time resolved), electrochemistry, spectroelectrochemistry.
    Work at the Delft University of TechnologyMeasurement and analysis of single molecular electronic devices; mechanically controlled break junction and electro-migrated junctions.

  • 2005 – 2008: Master of Science in Nanotechnology at the University of Copenhagen
    Thesis title:
    FRET in DNA/PNA nanostructures
    Supervisors: Kristine Kilså and Thomas Bentin
    UV-VIS spectroscopy (steady state and time resolved), miscellaneous biochemical methods.

  • 2002 – 2005: Bachelor of Science in Nanotechnology at the University of Copenhagen
    Thesis title: Nano-Goldparticles as possible initiator for membrane phase transition.
    Supervisor: Dimitrios Stamou
    Synthesis of nanoparticles (NP) and fabrication and characterisation of NP inclosed vesicles. Techniques: TEM, DLS, confocal laser scanning microscopy.


Peer reviewed

Other publications:

The Little things - Public Service Review: European Science and Technology - Issue 2


2013 - :  Teacher, Virum Gymnasium

2012-2013 : Teacher, Hvidovre Gymnasium

2008-2012: PhD, University of Copenhagen

2008: Research assistant. Working on the European Seventh Framework Programme: ”SINGLE”., University of Copenhagen

2006: Instructor: ”Nano 1; Linear Algebra., and introduction to EDB systems”, University of Copenhagen

2005 - 2006: Working (as conscientious objector) at Technological Institute in department ”Micro technology and surface analysis”: Literature and patent search regarding: nano/micro-fluids systems and gene-transfection of cells.

2005: Research assistant at Chemical Institute, Nano-Science Centre. The work concerned among others the following techniques: AFM, DLS, Fluorescence and NMR.


A wide variety of courses at University of Copenhagen covering topics from biophysics to quantum informations. (see documents for certificates and grades)


  • NanoTech Northern Europe Conference, Copenhagen 2008 (Poster)
  • European Conference on Molecular Electronics, Copenhagen 2009 (Poster)
  • Molecular Electronics, Emmetten/Switzerland 2010 (Poster)
  • Elecmol 2010, Grenoble/France,2010 (Best poster price)


    Danish (Native)
    English (Excellent)
    German (Basic)

    Expert user of Linux, and associated programs (LibreOffice, Latex, Gimp, Avogadro, Povray, etc.).
    Programming experience in: Python, R, NI Labview, Matlab, C++, bash,

Voluntary work

See scout leader for 12-16 year old scouts at Vikingerne Vedbæk See scout group 2001-2010.

Instructor at management course for the squad leaders (14-15 years old) in 2002-2004 and 2006

Member of the network committee at my dorm, responsible for the intra- and internet for the residents. (2005-2010)

Board member of housing co-operative (2012 - )

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