The "New York Portraits" Project

I want to create a series of environmental portraits with New York City as a backdrop, using locations or situations that are significant to you. A special spot in Central Park, wandering through the cobblestone streets of Soho, exploring Chinatown, sitting on the steps at the Met, people-watching your favorite outdoor cafe etc. Whatever is meaningful to you, or a place that might have a special memory of.

The photos on this page are a sample of the work I've done. I'm just a beginning photographer, so this will be learning experience for both of us, so please be open-minded and willing to experiment and have fun with this. Hopefully, I'll be able to use the photos in my portoflio, and you can use them for myspace, dating sites, whatever you please.

I'll be available for the next two weeks until Friday, June 16th, during the day or in the early evening when the sun is still out.

If you're still interested, email me back at with
(1)  location/situation ideas you might have (I can certainly suggest some)
(2) what times might work for you
(3) a photo of yourself, if you have one.

No high expectations please, but hopefully we'll get some good shots! 



Useful links:

1. How to prepare for a photo shoot (some applies, some doesn't)