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Obtaining the Dream

I was just a few months shy from turning thirteen when my family and I moved to America.

My parents came here with the intention of creating a better life for their family. During the first few

months I felt extremely depressed, and somber. It was very difficult for me to leave everything

behind. I felt as if I had lost something extremely dear to me knowing that I wouldn’t be seeing my

family or my country for quite a while. Over time, the pain dulled and I did my best to adapt and

take in every good thing that I could. I’ve been given a chance to have a life that wouldn’t

necessarily be accessible to me had I stayed in Haiti. Knowing that many members of my family are

not as fortunate keeps me determined and motivated when I feel overwhelmed and want to give up.

I remember how things were getting crazy around the time we left Haiti. Everything seemed

strange and unbalanced. I missed many days of school because of people protesting. One morning,

my uncle was bringing me back, because we heard on the radio that school was canceled. We were

driving and the street, usually full of pedestrians selling merchandise with cars going down the road,

was completely deserted. There were tires being burned in the middle of the street. I heard glass

being broken and rocks being thrown in the middle of the street. It was very dangerous to be caught

in the middle, because these people felt that they could do whatever they wished as long as it was for

the right cause. It just seemed like things were getting worse and worse. I was never really sure why

things were the way they were, I know it was focused on politics, and different sides trying to gain

power. The government was filled with corrupted individuals who would assassinate their

opponents, and innocents to gain more power. That was one of the main reasons my grandmother

convinced my parents to move to America. A few years later she passed away. I feel that I should

work as hard as I can to fulfill her dream of having her grandchildren growing up to be successful.

When I was nine years old my grandmother died from cancer. That period of my life feels

very hazy, like there’s a fog clouding over those memories. I don’t remember everything, however

from what I can recall; I remember it was very somber and cold because I couldn’t comprehend the

seriousness of what was taking place. I remember the last time I saw her was a Sunday; she looked

so small and frail and lifeless. She was on the bed, just staring into space, and her left shoulder was

leaning against the wall, and her palms on her chest. On Friday morning while my mom was getting

me ready to go to school, one of her older brothers came, and after talking for a bit, she looked

removed from everything. My aunt took over, and sent me to school, while my mom drove over to

my grandma’s house. No one told me anything, but I heard everything when my uncle told her the

news. My grandmother spent her last moment battling cancer, on a small cottage bed in her house.

The family didn’t have enough money to pay for all the bills, and all the medicine that came along

with battling this illness. Everyone dies at some point, I just don’t like the picture that I have in my

head, and the fact that her last moments on earth were spent suffering in that tiny little room -- It’s

like she was already gone. Maybe if things were different she would have lived longer, or at least

would have died differently. I want to be able to live the life that many of my family aren’t able to

because they weren’t handed the same chances I was handed.

Even though it saddened them to leave their brothers and sisters behind, seeing how things

were stirring they decided it’d be better for us to move. I think it’s wonderful that by coming here, I

was able to get opportunity to study something I could enjoy. I want to be able make my family

proud, to show them that all their sacrifices didn’t go to waste. We came here to have a better life,

and I feel that the only way I can get that is to continue with my education. Even though I’m scared,

I know I’m ready, and can’t wait to take this new step.

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