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Fall is right around the corner and with that comes Craft Shows, Vendor Fairs and Holiday Bazaars! Find out where by checking your weekly paper. There is always a section on local craft shows. Shows usually take place from Sept - Dec and then again in the spring. You will have to call to get an application. They will ask you how many spaces you need, if you need electricity, and a description of what you will be selling. You may also need to send a picture.

Most craft shows and holiday bazaars are held at highschools and elememtary schools. They hold these in order to raise money for the school or for clubs such as band or tennis. Some are held at hotels and convention centers, these are more expensive.

The cost for a space at a highschool or elementary school varies and can range from $40 to $125. Some are 1 day and some last the weekend. Some supply the table and some charge extra or you can bring your own.

There are some rules to certain shows! Some will not allow Vendors....which is what we Avon Reps are. Some will only allowed hand crafted items. To get around this make gift baskets to sell with Avon bundles. This way you've "crafted" the basket.

I have been doing craft shows for a few years now. I make wine bottle lights, cigar box purses and a few other things. This will be my first year incorporating Avon and I am so excited!

Getting Started....What you need

Apparences are EVERYTHING! You want people to come to your table so invite them by making it look nice!

  • Table, if needed, and a table cloth to cover (you will be given atleast 2 chairs)
  • Any type of shelving you might need. I have a few PVC type shelves I bought from WalMart and I spiff them up with garland, fake leaves, etc...anything that will make it look nice. I also have some nice wood crates I set on my table to showcase some things.
  • A bank to make change for people.
  • A few clip board with a sign up sheet for anyone who would like to leave their info to receive brochures.
  • A clip board with a prospect sheet for anyone who would like more info to sell Avon
  • LOTS of pens
  • Bags
  • Depending on how many days the show is, atleast 200 - 300 brochures.
  • Any type of fliers you might make to promote your business or sales
  • If you will be offering demos of makeup be sure to have disposable applicators, these can be purchased in the sales tools section, and a mirror or 2.

To Stock or Not to Stock?

Stocking your space for the show is entirely up to you. First and foremost, get in contact with your DM. He/She should be more than happy to loan you some demos for the show and possibly some signs and other helpful items! Here is what I plan on doing for my shows this fall.

I have some stock I will be selling, just some extra things I've picked up over the months. But mostly I would rather take orders instead of buying things that might or might not sell. Some good things to buy however, are the special holiday items for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas which can be purchased in the What's New brochures and sold at brochure price or a little less.

I took advantage of the Avon Naturals Bundles, the Moisture Therapy packs and other things that I can turn into "bundles" like Foot Works, SSS, mini's and other things. I will be making gift baskets to sell. For example: I made a gift bundle that includes Naturals Cucumber Melon body lotion, shower gel and spray, I placed all 3 in a small stocking and put in some candy canes, tinsel and other things to dress it up. I will sell it for $15.00. These are the kinds of things I will be selling. For more bundle and gift basket ideas check out Sales Boosters.


How much you want to sell your items for is entirely up to you. For my stock items I will be charging 20% off the brochure price. My gift baskets will be 5$ more than what it cost me to put together. When the shows is drawing near the end you will find the "bargain hunters," those who ALWAYS come at the end because they think people will be marking their stuff down! I don't do this because I usually have more shows, but feel free!

Not the Crafty Type?

It's really easy to make something festive from nothing! Again, in my Sales Boosters section you will find lots of different ideas to make gift baskets.

Pick up a craft magazine and you will fine 100's of ways to put things together, there's some pretty ingenius ideas! My goal next month is to take a BOW MAKING CLASS at Michaels. I can't make a bow for the life of me but for $15.00 I am going to learn! Here are some items you can that can help you turn a few products into a top selling gift and it can all be found at the dollar store!

Halloween and Thanksgiving: plastic pumpkins, trick or treat bags, any plastic Halloween bucket, baskets, any Thanksgiving shaped basket, Halloween or Thanksgiving designed gift bag, fall leaves, cornicopia baskets.

Christmas: Christmas shaped baskets or any type of basket, stockings, Santa hats, Elf hats, gift bags, tinsel, garland, ornaments, bows, hollyberries, tissue paper.

These are just to name a few.


My Craft Show Tips

  • Wear AVON! Shirt, hat, pin, jewelry, a poster for your business!
  • Always smile and be as pleasant as you can, greet everyone who comes to your table!
  • There are lots of tempting booths at these shows so bring some side money if you want to shop for yourself...Don't spend your profit!
  • Talk to the people around your space, craftors are so nice and very helpful! If you need a bathroom break and you are alone either a fellow craftor or a craft show "helper" (usually a student) will watch your table.
  • Bring something to read or do, there are slow and busy times, be prepared for an 8 hour day!
  • There will also be helpers to help you bring stuff in and out and find your table.