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Brochures, demos, samples and other sales tools all count towards your order total, awards sales, and can help boost you to the next earnings level. In addition they are the tools needed to help grow your business.


Brochures are the most important part of your Avon business. They are your Avon store. It is important to order enough each campaign. The prices are PER 10 PACK.

1 ~ $5.75     2 ~ $7.95     3 ~ $10.20     4 ~$12.10     

5 ~ $13.00     6 ~ $14.25     7 ~ $15.45     8 ~ $16.75       

9 ~ $17.90     10 ~ $19.00    

   ~~~~~~~~  $1.30 for each additional pack ~~~~~~~~ 

If you run out of brochures the fastest and easiest way to get more would be to contact your DM. He/She would be more than happy to give or sell you what you need.

Brochures come 2 campaigns ahead. For example, when you submit C12 order, you will be getting C14 brochures.

Brochures can be BACK ORDERED. If you want to order more borchures from a previous campaign you would select the correct campaign from the drop down menu. So if you want to order more C12 brochures you would select C10 from the drop down menu. The item number for brochures is 055-745.

You can also order a single copy of an advanced brochure, this would be 1 brochure of what you will be getting with your NEXT campaign. It's great to see what's coming up and helpful for offering specials or sales. Use the item number 030-347. The cost is .25 and you only need to order it once, it will continually come with each campaign. So when you place your C2 order and get your C4 brochures,  enter this number and you'll get a single C6!


Demos can be found in the "What's New" brochures. They can be used to demonstrate and try new products. As Reps we can buy these items at 40% off the brochure price. New Reps will receive an extra 10% off and depending on your sales level you may get an additional 5% off.

Important Demo Information

  • Demos are 40% off only if your sales are more than $50
  • Reps can only purchase 1 demo per grouping unless otherwise indicated. For example, you can only buy 1 shade of lipstick, not 1 of each shade
  • Demos count toward your order size and can increase your earnings level
  • Demos count towards your awards sales to help you reach PC

You can back order out of the demo book just like the regular brochure. This way you can get more than 1 of the demo if you are not PC. When ordering simply choose the correct campaign from the drop down menu.

Some reps might decide to order what they can for their customers out of the What's New books and charge them the brochure price. This is absolutely fine to's your business! However, if you are planning to increase your sales level or if you are trying to make Presidents Club, it will be hard to achieve doing this.

For reps in their first 4 campaigns it is best NOT to order out of the demo book at all because, since you are getting 50%, you will also be getting full awards sales by ordering from the brochures. Ofcourse, sometimes there are things we want ahead of time which is what the demo books are intended for.


Samples are a tool used to provide your customers the ability to try something to see if they like it. Samples can be ordered by clicking on the "Shop Samples" link located to the left of your order cart page.

You can buy samples for:

  • Bath (Spa Planet)
  • Foundation (Beyond Color, Personal Match, Perfect Wear, Mark and Anew)
  • Fragrance (most popular fragrances)
  • Lip Stick (Mark, Perfect Wear,  Beyond Color, Glazewear)
  • Skin Care (Anew, Solutions, Clinical, Alternative, Retro Active and Hydra Radiance
  • Personal Care (Simply Delicate)
  • Nails (Instant Manicure)

In addition to samples, you can also purchase trial sizes of Hydra Radiance and Anew Clinical Products.

Personally, I like to have the Anew samples on hand. I want my customers to try the product line and fall in love with it as much as I did....not to mention they are high sales items and need to be replinished often. There's nothing wrong with using samples for personal motives! 

Buying Samples and Demos is entirely up to the Rep and how much he/she wants to put into the business. They are fun but the prices do add up. I like to tell my customers what samples I can get if there is something they would like to try. Every few months I will give my customers a list of samples I can get and ask them if there is anything they are interested in trying.

Sales Tools

The Sales Tools link can also be found to the left of your order cart page. Here you will find just about everything you need the business part of your Avon business.

Unfortunately for us there are no pictures of any of these tools. So here are some of the things I like to buy.

  • 10lb delivery bags are like lunch bags, they fit a good amount of products as well as brochures
  • 2lb delivery bags are small and nice for lipstick, eye liners etc. they will  fit a brochure snugly
  • What's New plastic bags are perfect for hanging brochures on doors, they also fit Mark Magalogs
  • Call Back Notes are nice to stick into brochures, they are like a mini order form
  • Representative Tote will be the best dollar ever spent, it's a nice vinyl shoulder bag with seperated pockets

These are just a few of the many business tools that are so helpful to us reps and I think they are all pretty will priced for what you get.






Quick Tips

  • Brochures are purchased in packs of 10
  • If you run out you can try getting more brochures from your DM
  • Brochures can be backordered
  • The product number for brochures is 055-745
  • Demos are 40% of the brochure price
  • You must have $50 or more in sales to get the demo price
  • Samples can help increase sales
  • What's New Bags are perfect for hanging brochures on doors
  • Brochures, Demos, Samples, and Sales Tools count towards order size and can boost you to the next earnings level