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Week 3:

1. Lab groups present their hypotheses, experimental design, results, and redesign suggestions.
2. Review 16.1 activity via class discussion:  How did Life begin? Discussion and youtube video clips (see Bacteria/Virus Unit page & online 16.1) - hydrothermal sea vents!
HW: OL-16.5 (due Monday); Lab report = due Tuesday
3. Intro viruses - Reading from 'The Hot Zone' (by Richard Preston)
HW: OL 16.5; Ch. 16 online activity review (optional); read 31.1-31.3 and explain 2-3 components of each line of defense - there are 3 total (due Wednesday)

HW lab report = due, please attach checklist and rubric to front of paper...
1. Complete online activities 31.2-31.3 worksheet (due tomorrow)
2. Virus ppt (attached on Bacteria unit page) - what are viruses? how do they reproduce?
(optionalVideo: Emerging Viruses)
HW:  Journal Reflection - Compare/contrast bacteria and viruses, based on three of the following:  specific examples of each, structure, reproduction, and/or their benefits. - due tomorrow

16.5 OL due
1. The Immune System 
*Additional/optional learning info:  Cells and the Immune System - video

1. Immune System continued:  antibody/antigen relationship, castle analogy (exemplar for task)
HW: To help process the chapter, create an analogy of the immune system. Guidelines found in Immune Analogy Task descriptor.  This is due the Monday we return from Feb Break!

1. Go over Unit Review Guide, you do NOT have to do the essay (you are very welcome...)
***Study aids:  formative assessment to gauge understanding and Unit Test Review Guide/Essay Question
2. Video on the flu:
3. Work time
Unit Test = Tuesday after break!