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Week 3:

1. Lab groups present their hypotheses, experimental design, results, and redesign suggestions.
2. Discussion:  How did Life begin? Discussion and youtube video clips (see Bacteria/Virus Unit page & online 16.1) - hydrothermal sea vents!

Intro Viruses
Reading from 'The Hot Zone' (by Richard Preston)
Discuss HIV:AIDS
Virus ppt (attached on Bacteria unit page) - what are viruses? how do they reproduce?
HW: Create a 'Wanted' Ad for 1 virus - due Monday; Quiz on Friday!

Handwashing Lab = due
Video: Emerging Viruses
Time to work on virus fact page
HW: Read 16.5; Questions for Pox article (due Monday)

Time to work on virus fact page
HW:  Read 31.1-31.3 and explain 2-3 components of each line of defense (all for tomorrow)

Quiz: Bacteria and Viruses
Work on online activities 31.2-31.3 worksheet
Grade quiz