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Week 3:

1. Review proper outlining form here
2. Lab groups present their hypotheses, experimental design, results, and redesign suggestions.
3. Wrap-up bacteria via 'quiz'; Intro viruses - Reading from 'The Hot Zone' (by Richard Preston)
HW: OL-16.5 (due Friday)

(optionalVideo: Emerging Viruses)
2. Intro immune system
HW: Read 31.1-31.3 and Complete online activities 31.2-31.3 (due Friday)

Lab report = due, please attach checklist and rubric to front of paper!
1. Immune System Intro:  explain 2-3 components of each line of defense - there are 3 total 
2. Antibody/antigen relationship, castle analogy (exemplar for task)
HW: Create an analogy of the immune system. Guidelines found in Immune Analogy Task descriptor (due Monday)

1. Quiz over viruses, bacteria, and immune system
2. Work time for Immune Analogy and 16.5 OL (due tomorrow)

16.5 OL due
1. Video on the flu:
3. Work time (Analogy task)
Unit Test = next Tuesday 
***Unit Review Guide, you do NOT have to do the essay (you are very welcome...)
Study aids:  formative assessment to gauge understanding and Unit Test Review Guide/Essay Question