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Week 3:

1. Lab groups present their hypotheses, experimental design, results, and redesign suggestions.
HW: OL16.5 (due Friday)

OL16.2 due!
2. Intro viruses - Reading from 'The Hot Zone' (by Richard Preston)
(optionalVideo: Emerging Viruses)

Lab report = due, please attach checklist and rubric to front of paper!
1. Finish viruses
HW: Read 31.1-31.3 and complete worksheet on online activities 31.2-31.3 (due Friday) 

OL16.5 = due
1. Immune System Intro; castle analogy (exemplar for task)

HW:  Create an analogy of the immune system {guidelines found in Immune Analogy Task descriptor - due Tuesday, but be prepared to share out your analogy table on Monday!!!}

1. Antibody/antigen relationship
2. Review 16.5 (Edward Jenner and Germ Theory of Disease)

3. Work time for Immune Analogy
HW:  watch video on the flu:

Unit Test = next Tuesday 
***Unit Review Guide, you do NOT have to do the essay (you are very welcome...)
Study aids:  formative assessment to gauge understanding