1.Welcome to Mr. Jensen's 3rd,4th,and 5th grade Physical Education class!

"The results of good physical education are not limited to the body alone, but extend even to the soul itself."    

                                                                                                                                                                        Aristotle    350 B.C


Physical Education is an important part of any school's overall program.  Physical education provides students with an opportunity to include physical activity (exercise) as part of their daily routine.  By offering students at least a moderate level of daily exercise, physical education teaches the importance of physical activity in developing healthy life style habits. 

    Classes offer a variety of activities aimed at introducing students to various movements, skills, sports, games and other physical tasks that will stimulate both cardiovascular and muscular systems, leading to improved fitness levels.  Other class goals include learning game rules, terminology, strategies, skills, spatial awareness, team work, leadership behavior and sportsmanship.  By doing this, students will have a better understanding and an increased appreciation of these activities. 

     The physical education program also strives to create an atmosphere that is not intimidating but rather fun and enjoyable which will in turn teach students that exercise can be fun.  If students perceive exercise as enjoyable they are more likely to make it a part of their daily routine outside of school and later in life. 

    Regular exercise promotes physical, mental and social health, by improving fitness levels, burning calories, reducing stress, helping to promote quality sleep, teaching sportsmanship, encouraging assertiveness, teamwork and fostering leadership skills. 

Students will attend physical education class three days a week for roughly 25 minutes a day. I look forward to getting to know and work with your child this year. 

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