If you are interested in postgraduate studies (PhD and MSc) in area like software composition, analysis and architectural refactoring please contact me. There are limited opportunities to fund projects, mainly through Massey University Scholarships. If your project idea relies on getting on of those scholarships, please check this page first to check your eligibility. 

Current and recent Postgrad Students

Jens with Li, Shawn, Thilini and Kamil in Hobbiton at the APSEC'16 conference dinner

Shawn Rasheed (PhD)
Title: A Static Analysis for Serialisation Vulnerabilities in Java
started in 2016

Li Sui (PhD)
Title: A Study into the Soundness of Static Program Analysis
started in 2016

Thilini Bhagya (PhD)
Title: Automated Virtualisation of HTTP Services for Testing.
started in 2016

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Syed Muhammad Ali Shah (PhD) (together with Catherine McCartin)
Title: Architectural Refactoring
Funding: HEC Pakistan
graduated 2014

Tran Cong An (PhD) (co-supervisor, together with Hans Guesgen and Stephen Marsland)
Title: Context-aware Reasoning about Human Behaviour for Ambient Intelligence
Funding: Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam
graduated 2013

Graham Jenson (PhD) (together with Hans Guesgen)
Title: A component model for ubiquitous computing applications
Funding: Massey PhD scholarship
graduated 2013


Timelapse of Graham's thesis being written ‎‎(10 days per second)‎‎


Graduation 2013, with Craig, Max and Graham 

Ines Moosdorf (MSc Freie Universitaet Berlin, together with Adrian Paschke and Hans Guesgen)
Title: Scalable Concept Learning with FCA. 
graduated 2014

Elliot Hathaway (BE Hon)
Title: Primegame - a web based programming game.


Jevon Wright (PhD) (together with Giovanni Moretti)
Title: A Web Modelling Language for Dynamic Web Applications
Funding: Massey PhD scholarship
graduated 2012

Jevon's graduation 15 May 2012 ‎‎‎‎(starting at 1-25-30)‎‎‎‎

Hussain Al-Mutawa (MSc) (together with Catherine McCartin and Stephen Marsland) 
Title: Inside Tangles - A Study of Circular Dependencies in Java Programs.
graduated 2014

Fergus Henson (MSc) (together with Stephen Marsland) 
Title: Generating statistical Test Oracles for JVM Applications with JMX. 
graduated 2014

Craig Spence (BE Hon) (together with Edmund Lai) 
Title: A Distributed JavaScript Ray-Tracer. 

Max Annear-Henderson (BE Hon) 
Title: Novel Browser-Based Visualisation of Software Architecture


Alex Gibson (BE Hon) (together with Giovanni Moretti) 
Title: Beef & Lamb New Zealand Data Visualisation
Industry Partner: Beef and Lamb NZ

Fergus Hewson (Hon)
Title: Performance analysis for Umajin Applications
Industry Partner: Unlimited Realities

Andrew Esler (MSc) (together with Patrick Rynhart)
Title: Using Grid Computing for Scalable Pattern Detection in Graphs


Carlos Crasborn (MSc) (together with Catherine McCartin)
Title: A Scalable Motif Visualisation Toolkit. 
Funding: FRST SPPI

Daniel Haselden (BE Hon)
Title: Using Android to remote control a PC. 
Industry Partner: Unlimited Realities

Andrew Esler (BSc Hon)
Title: Dependency Analysis for .NET
Industry Partner: Kiwiplan


Claas Wilke (MSc)  (co-supervisor, together with Birgit Demuth, TU Dresden)
Title: Model-Based Runtime Verification of Software Components by Integrating OCL into Treaty

Lucia Stewart (BSc Hon)
Title: A visual contract editor for Treaty

Carlos Crasborn (BSc Hon)
Title: Porting TAKE to .NET
Funding: FRST/SPPI


Slava Yakovlev (MSc) (together with Catherine McCartin)
Title: A Tool for Component Dependency Analysis and Automated Refactoring 
Funding: FRST/TIF
Industry Partner: Kiwiplan

Matthew Gray (BSc Hon)
Title: Refactoring into Rules
Funding: Kiwiplan scholarship
Industry Partner: Kiwiplan

Lisa Lightband (BSc Hon)
Title: Evaluating Web2.0 technologies for the Massey Intranet

James Jones
Title: RDF Merging in Centruflow
Funding: FRST/SPPI
Industry Partner: CentruFlow


Jonathan Giles (MSc)
Title: Improving Centruflow through Semantic Web Technologies
Funding: FRST/TIF
Industry Partner: CentruFlow

Richard Wilburn (MSc)
Title: A Rule Based User Interface Builder for .NET

Bastian Schenke (MSc) (Co-Supervisor, together with Gerd Wagner, BTU Cottbus, Germany)
Title: Compilation of URML Models 

Slava Yakovlev (BE Hon)
Title: Advanced Dependency Analysis for Java


Chris Elgar (MSc) 
Title: Integrating Aspect-Oriented Programming into the Agile Software Engineering Approach
Funding: FRST/TIF
Industry Partner: SolNet Solutions

Jonathan Giles (BE Hon)
Title: Refactoring Centruflow using Plugins

Nathan Jones (BSc Hon)
Title: Reasoning About Harvested Meta Data on the Web


Jevon Wright (BE Hon)
Title: Behavioural Analysis of Java Programs

Francis Stephens (BSc Hon)
Title: Adding Support for Modal Logic to the Mandarax Framework


Chris Elgar (BE Hon)
Title: Web of Patterns

Ewen Cummings (BE Hon)
Title: A WEB Interface for LDAP
Industry Partner: The NZ State Service Commission

Thomas Brown (BE Hon)
Title: A Rule-Based Portfolio Agent