I am an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT) at the Turitea (Palmerston North) Campus of Massey University. I am also the major leader of the Software Engineering program at Massey. I have a Master in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Leipzig. I have worked for a couple of years in industry as consultant in Germany, Namibia, Switzerland and the UK, and returned in 2003 to academia. My research interests are in the areas of design pattern formalisation, software componentry, agile software engineering techniques and business rule automation. Please follow the links in the sidebar for detailed information on my research, consulting and teaching activities.
If you are a prospective student and interested in software engineering, then you might find this guide how to study Software Engineering useful. Also have a look at some of the (undergrad) student projects.

If you are considering postgraduate studies in software engineering, have a look at the latest project offers for 2014. An overview of past and current postgrad projects I have supervised / I am supervising can be found here.

If you are a practising software engineer, you might be interested in this tool I have developed: the Massey Architecture Explorer (MAE). You can simply upload your compiled program (Java bytecode), and MAE will visualise it, allow you to query your program for violations of OO design principles, and find critical dependencies preventing you from modularising the program. Some articles I have written for developers on orthogonality and dependency management can be found here.

If you are a Java programmer and like a challenge, have a look at the set of Java Puzzlers I have developed. 
If you are an academic or a student studying at another university: I am working on making all lecture notes available to the public under the creative commons license, the first set for a second year course on software design and construction is now available. Note that this does not include some additional material like video lectures and tutorials - this is only available to enrolled students. I also maintain an open source repository of examples I use for teaching software design and construction, incl. examples using design patterns, modularity, web application design, meta-programming etc. Feel free to use this material, but please give me some credit if you do.   


Massey University, School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Private Bag 11 222, 
4442  Palmerston North, New Zealand
Phone +64 6 350 5799 extn 2212
Office: AgHort-A 3.88

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