JCH&PS membership is open to all interested parties of the general public for an annual contribution. 

Membership will entitle you to attend / vote at meetings and to receive quarterly copies of the newsletter Binoomea. 

To be become a member print out the membership form attached at the bottom of the page and return to the address on the membership form. A  sample of the form is included for your convenience. 


Membership Contributions are as follows:-

Single membership: $20 per year

Family Membership:   $20 per year for the first adult and $5 for each additional persons of the same immediate family living at the same address.                  

Student Membership: $5 per year until the age of 18,  upon which evidence of full time study must be produced to remain at this rate.    

Pensioner: $5 per year  

Discounted Membership: $80 for 5 years for the first adult (a savings of $20). And $20 for each additional persons for 5 year membership for persons of the same immediate family living at the same address. i.e. A five year membership for a couple would be $100,  a saving $25.             

Melanie Coid,
13 Sep 2009, 00:31