Welcome to our home and garden

It has been a while but I'm back now!
Here you will find pictures out of our garden last year July 2012

Hacienda: situated near the small pond.

This is an introduction too our garden with a few photographs to welcome you all!

It never is easy to find the right photographs when there are so many of them to choose from! I'll do my utmost best to give you a small oversight of our garden.

Above you see a picture of the Rambler rose 'Albertina' growing along the wall of our covered back porch.


Very decorative flowers that will last althrough the summer, whish I could remember the name!


 The garden income starts with a terras and patio and goes over into the actual garden.     

Directly above you see the patio.

The picture on your left is a shot of our terras!

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 A place at the back of our garden.

Photo of the small pergola at the back of the pond with some roses.


Above you can admire the rose Paul's Scarlet. She will only bloom in June but this year, because of the sunshine, she bloomed already in April & May.

Here you see a pergola at the back of te garden but it isn't quite finished yet. The rosebranches still have a bit of climbing to do in June 2009.

A shot from our roses 'Honoré de Balzac' and the rose 'Kanegem' inside the open arbor May 2010


Climbing red rose Coral Dawn.

Above: climberrose Paul's Scarlet

Down: climberrose New Dawn

A small part of our back garden wih the rose Lavender Dream.



 Hello everyone! At the moment I   am urgently in surch of a new job as administrative secretary in the visinity of Grobbendonk postal code 2280.



So, please give us a ring in case you are in need for a person to do this job!  Thanks in advance!

My mobile number is:  +0032 (0)495/382951  

             This message was written in May 14, 2012.

Also, I would like to find work as a home typist.


 Above you will see the red Cannusflowers, the Kardinaalshoed with it's red flowers and the Herbsfreude which carries a Lilac bouquet at the moment.

In the back garden our Hortensia gives a blilliant blue flower.

 Above you see our bbq next to our small pond.

For all those who are trying to read my writings, I am Belgian and my English might not be all that good, so please excuse me for further mistakes I might make!



 2009: This is a view of the small pond at the front of the garden, behind the pergola, next to the small bbq.

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Recent shots from our garden:


These are all Horensia's, at the top left you have the Blue Teller Hydrangea.

Please also take a look at our Webshots album, you'll find this on www.webshots.com/jenny001103 click on Jenny and Will's home album and enjoy! You are wellcome to leave a message behind.

 Underneath you see a shot from the pink rambler Albertina and the climbingrose Paul's Scarlet. 


Above, to your left you see a shot of the rose Pink Heidelberg en the rose Paul's Scarlet, both climbing roses.

Directly above you see the little bridge that divides the smaller pond from the bigger one.

Picture of our garden terras with all kinds of roses. All plants chowed flowers by the end of May!


Photo of the main pond. This turned in to a PAGODE in 2011, in this my husband created a pond containing only Koifish, see below.

First the mall was made.

Secundly the assembling.

Then came the top.

A quick peek of a corner walking over the garden path.

And finally the Koï are in the pont

In came the Koï and now we can stand around the Koïpond and admire the Koï that are swimming in our pagode-pond.


Take a moment to have a look at this site: http://www.vvdb.be

Above you see our Little Gnome, watching over our garden.                                

Photo taken at the right sight of the pond.

Photo of pink Herbsfreude and Kardinaalshoed. You can also see part of the Cannus.

Yet another picture from around our pond.