"Work is the curse of the drinking classes" Oscar Wilde

"Find out what you like doing and get someone to pay you for it" Jack Thornton - my dad

No pleasure is worth giving up for the sake of two more years in a geriatric home at Weston-super-Mare                                                    Kingsley Amis

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“Something totally new” – The Owl Goddess

Read this great review from Rose Amber’s book review team. Made my day!

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Doppelganger - Re-release

This is a re-release of a story that was initially published by Melange Books. It also appeared in the following anthologies: Curious Hearts and Bedtime Shadows. So don't buy it if you've already bought those. Otherwise get it here: myBook.to/Dop

When Christine wakes up in a sumptuous white room with silken hangings, she assumes she is in heaven. But she soon finds out that this is not heaven but some strange alternative version of her life. Who is the Christine who inhabits this other world? And how is she ever to get home?

Terry Tyler’s Review of Doppelganger

I’m a big fan of Terry Tyler and therefore am particularly delighted to receive this fab review.Here is the link to Terry’s blog:


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All in the Mind Relaunch



The independent version of All in the Mind launches today, 24th December. Only £2.68 Kindle £8.10 paperback. Half old price!



To accompany the launch I’m doing a Countdown Deal on Take One at Bedtime. I promise not to mess it up this time.

On the US site it will be at $0.99 from Christmas Eve till 27th December, then $1.99 till New Year’s Eve

On the UK site it will be £0.99 throughout.





 To celebrate the launch of the audio version I’m offering Domingo’s Angel at 99p until 17th December.


In the meantime the audio version has finally gone live. Either get it from Audible, free if you take up a trial membership.


Or it’s £2 cheaper on Amazon.


 They say there are angels who walk the Earth.”

The story is beautiful, heartbreaking, and haunting.”

“I truly believe that if you buy just one book this year, it should be this one! One of the most beautiful novels I have ever read.”

Domingo’s Angel has an overall rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon.

 The audio version is narrated by Gary Furlong, a professional actor with a beautiful reading voice. His rendition made me cry when I thought I had read the story so often it could no longer move me.

NEW RELEASE 16th December
An Open Letter to Stephen King and Other Essays

A collection of popular essays, magazine articles and blogs about life, the universe and everything.

This is my first non-fiction publication and is something of an experiment. I'm releasing it just as an e book to start with, but if it's well-received I'll also put it out as a print book.

The essays deal with Spain, women's issues, writing and just general snippets, including some autobiographical anecdotes. Well, you wanted to know about the escapology, didn’t you?






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