The middle sister in a family of three girls, I grew up in New York, California, and South Carolina. In each place, I found a new and exciting place to grow.

In New York, I walked to school and bought pickles or pizza on the way home. My sisters and I were allowed to roam the docks and play huge, multiple block games of hide-and-seek with the neighborhood kids as long as we were accompanied by our faithful white German Shepherd, Sam. Yes, I named her after my favorite TV character – Samantha on Bewitched. I wrote elaborate tales and background stories for our adventures together. 

I was nine when I saw my first Redwood tree and acres of dry brush in California. Everything about the west coast was different, and my family took advantage of what they knew would be a temporary move. We hiked national forests, rode trolley cars, and went to Alcatraz. While the weekend trips were fun and exciting, it was hard to be the new kid who had a funny accent. But, it did start my writing life in earnest; it was there that I wrote my first short script for movie-making camp.  

We moved to South Carolina in 1976. I was ten, and the move and the country’s bicentennial will always be linked in my mind probably because in every picture my sisters and I seem to be wearing red, white, and blue bell bottoms and t-shirts.  For the first time in my life, I had my own bedroom, but my younger sister and I often ended up in bed with our older sister. Searching for my place in my family and my new home, I rode my skateboard too fast down the hill in front of my house, played softball and soccer, and sang loudly and badly along with the radio. I started writing my first novel looking out the window of my new bedroom.

My parents at different times encouraged me or left me to find my own way. Through every sport, club, and group I joined, I found small groups of friends and feelings of belonging. I believe this search is as true for kids growing up today as it was for me.

I have found my own special place to belong with my husband, Craig, and son, Logan. Living in house of boys after growing up with all girls constantly amazes me and makes me laugh out loud. We live with too many pets in Durham, North Carolina near a beautiful river.  My family enriches and feeds my writing.