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Welcome to the Spatial Ecology and Paleontology Lab at Georgia Tech 

Welcome to the McGuire Lab in the School of Biological Sciences. In this lab we are interested in spatial questions about the ecological and evolutionary implications of climate change. We use modern data as well as the rich paleontological record of the last several million years to address those questions. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you think that you might be interested in joining the lab.

Read my recent outreach piece: "Can climate corridors help species adapt to a warming world?" on The Conversation.

Research Interests:

    • Using spatial ecology to assess the impacts of climate change
    • Testing evolutionary & ecological model-based hypotheses using specimen data
    • Incorporating changing climate into corridor modeling
    • Evaluating mechanistic drivers of climate resilient areas
    • Probing the reactions of small mammal populations to climate change
    • Using the paleontological record to test species distribution models

Habitat fragmentation, widespread invasive species, pollution, and rapid climate change simultaneously threaten modern ecosystems. These compounding effects make conservation planning difficult, obfuscating tactics to apply limited resources for the most effective preservation. With its rich record of biological responses to climate changes throughout geological time, the field of paleontology has great potential for informing conservation policy, providing data to test hypotheses of climate-driven faunal changes, inform predictions about future reactions, and examine fundamental biological principles of evolution and ecology. My research program examines the question “How have organisms in the past reacted to climate change, and how can we use this understanding to predict how organisms will evolve, shift their ranges, or go extinct given impending climate change?”