About Me
    Hello! My name is Jenny Moore and I am currently an environmental studies student at Ithaca College. I will be graduating this May, 2013 from Ithaca College with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, a concentration in Human Interaction with the Natural Environment, and a minor in Anthropology. Through my past four years of school I have developed a strong interest in organic farming and sustainable food production in the agricultural sector. I am driven by an earnest desire to work with my hands and to learn through experiential endeavors while creating a strong and supportive community of peers.
      I have been a strong supporter of the awakening of the environmental movement since I can remember being able to talk, raised under a biologist father working to create a better environment for those around him intellectually and out in the field. Upon graduation I plan to stay in Ithaca, NY to continue working with the Plant Breeding and Genetics Department at Cornell University watching over and tending plants in multiple research fields around the area.
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