Hello!  I'm Jenny Hoople, nice to meet you!

A short life summary: I grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania, graduated from college with a bachelor of arts in fine arts (my concentration was ceramic sculpture, my minor was geology.) Now I create handmade beaded jewelry, work part-time at an organic farm and in a library. I met my little Mexican husband in 2001 at the farm and haven't yet looked back!

I always tell people that my hobby is learning new hobbies! When I make something with my own hands, I feel more connected to the business of life, which makes it more worth living. My good friend has told me for years that I should sell some of the crafts that I make. I started making this jewelry and when I couldn't stop, I decided that I'd better start taking her advice! The best part is, I grow the grey Job's Tears beads right in my own backyard!

With this beaded jewelry, I celebrate that natural can be colorful and glamorous! I choose knotted string because I like its history, it's more romantic! I choose "natural" materials (stone, bone, wood, seeds, pearls, shell, silk) because even when altered by human hands and arranged and strung by them, the beauty of the processes that formed them breaks through and dazzles me. Really, these necklaces are so wonderful because they are so much more meaningful than mass-produced jewelry. They are all designed and hand knotted by yours truly.

I imagine that you took the time to read all of this because you think my necklaces are beautiful, too. Thanks for stopping by and for being a kindred spirit.

I bet you were wondering why my logo is a bunny!

"What do bunnies have to do with necklaces?", you said. Wonder no longer! The connection is that I'm in love with both. Bunnita (whom we called "Pisky") was my constant beading companion and good friend of 7 years. Sadly, and inevitably, Pisky passed away 11 March 2010, having lived a long, full and rich bunny life. Learn more about my faithful studio helper on my Meet Pisky page!