About Me

My name is Jennifer Tang. I was born in College Station, Texas. I attended Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas,  and then later moved to San Jose, California, where I attended Leland High School. 

Right now I am a senior at Princeton University studying electrical engineering. I am also interested in mathematics and computer science. Some of my favorite classes at Princeton include Topology, Complex Analysis, Algorithms and Data Structures, Logic Design,  Signals and Systems, Transmission and Compression of Information, the ever-so-infamous Car Lab,  Painting and Chinese History. For my senior thesis, I am doing a project with Professor Paul Cuff (which you can read about here). After graduating, I plan to go to graduate school in electrical engineering hopefully in the field of information theory. 

My hobbies include juggling and solving Rubik's cubes. My current goal for Rubik's cubing is to be able to solve a Rubik's cube blindfolded in under 2 minutes. My current goal for juggling is to learn how to pass 7 clubs with someone. 

When I am not in Princeton, I am in my home in Sunnyvale, California.  

To contact me, email:

(Emails are especially welcome if you can pass 7 clubs with me!)