Cross-curricular vocal workshops

Fancy a fresh way to teach your curriculum?

Want to see your children getting a buzz through learning in song?

You choose the theme, I'll teach the songs that'll uplift and inspire your children to want to learn more.

Designed for Key Stages 1 or 2, these vocal workshops are the answer to your cross-curricular prayers. Maybe you have a topic you are exploring with your pupils and you want to add a new element to their learning? Songs are a powerful way of getting a message across, and the children won't even realise they're working! 

I have songs for a huge range of themes, such as:
  • animals
  • the weather
  • Africa
  • gospel and spirituals
  • wars
  • songs from the corners of the world
  • the environment
  • folk songs of the British Isles
  • and a whole lot more!
If  you have a theme in mind, get in touch and I can tailor the workshop to your needs.

A vocal workshop will include:

  • fun, physical warm-ups
These will get the body and brain ready for singing as well as limbering up the voice and they are guaranteed to create a few giggles! 
  • songs relating to your topic
Whatever the topic, I will teach a range of songs that'll really appeal to your children. This will usually include unison singing and part-singing (depending on the age group), and plenty of actions and movement!

Use of appropriate musical instruments a school might have (such as African drums for African songs) can also be included. 

The workshop can be taken as a standalone activity, or it could lead into a performance.

You may want workshops for different year groups on the same theme, culminating in a joint performance in assembly. 

What are the benefits of a cross-curricular vocal workshop?

Children will learn more about their chosen topic through singing about it, but there is much more to it than that. Singing together is a multi-sensory experience. It is great fun - but it also develops social interaction, team work and a real sense of belonging to a group, as well as enhancing self-confidence. Singing together also improves other skills:
  • aural awareness
  • performance skills
  • linguistic skills
  • numeracy
  • physical awareness
How much will it cost?

This will be dependent upon how many workshops you would like. My whole-day rate is £250, and my half-day rate is £125.