Peer reviewed paper

Parker, J., Boase-Jelinek, D., & Herrington, J. (2011) 
Perceptions and reflections: Using Skype chat to build a community of learners. 
In: E-LEARN 2011 - World Conference on E-Learning in Corporate,
Government, Healthcare & Higher Education,
18-21 October 2011, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


This paper is a report on the preliminary findings of two on-going studies conducted on graduate level courses for pre-service teachers. A survey was used to gather student perceptions about using Skype and written tutor reflections obtained for evidence of perceived advantages and disadvantages of using Skype to build a community of learners. Constant comparative analysis techniques were used to examine the Skype chat transcript. Findings indicate that students appreciated the opportunity to communicate in real-time with their peers and used the technology to connect with and support each on their learning journey.