Career Objective

Texture Artist Extraodinaire

Personal Profile

I am a self motivated 3D Modeler and Texture Artist that enjoys attention to detail. Critique and advice are also a valued  device to me for creating even better assets and environmental experiences.  

Skills Summary

·          Maya 2013

·          Photoshop CC

·          Quixel

·          Unreal 3 UDK

·          ZBrush


Software Experience  

Maya 2013

·         Modeling.

·                     Modeling with Intent to create clean UV Maps, Textures, and Export to other programs.

·                     Use of Reference for accuracy and scale.

·                     Economy of Tri/Polycount as needed without sacrificing the silhouette of the asset.

·                     Proper Workflow and File Management

·         UV Mapping.

·                     Use of UV Editor to organize “projections” for resolution and efficient map space use.

·                     Best angle projection of “faces” for the least amount of distortion.

·                     Stratigic placement of “seams” for more eye appeal and seam matching.

·         Hypershade.

·                     Layered shaders, combining Specular, Normal, Diffuse, and Ambient Occlusion maps

             For optimal effect.        

Photoshop CC

·         Layer and File management.

·                     Use of multiple named layers, folder groups to allow for ease workflow.

·         Hand painting UV Maps.

·                     Hand painting UV Maps, using effects and filters as needed for desired effect.

·         Photo painting UV Maps.

·                     Using photograph texture selections to create stamp brushes for realism where needed.

Unreal 3 UDK

·         Import of FBX files exported from Maya as Static and Skeletal Meshes.

·         Material Editor use to create new mapped materials for imported objects.

·         Use of Landscape Editor for terrain creation and  layered shaders for terrain texturing.


        Lake Washington Institute of Technology

        11605 132nd Avenue Northeast Kirkland, WA 98034

        Associates Degree-Multimedia Design and Production (Animation and Game Design)


    Texture Artist 2012-Present

    Winterleaf Entertainment, Inc