Arctic Monkeys


this famous rock band consists of Alex turner (lead vocals and guitar), Matt helders (drums and back up vocals), Jamie cook (lead guitar), and Nick o'malley (bass and back up vocals). they formed the group in high green, a suburb in Sheffield. it all started when the neighboring friends Alex and Jamie received guitars for Christmas in 2001. soon, the pair began rehearsing with school friends Andy and Matt. They began playing locally in mid-2003 and soon began handing out CD-R demos to fans. 


Snap Out Of It - AM Album

"Forever isn't for everyone
Is forever for you?
It sounds like settling down, or giving up
But it don't sound much like you , girl. 
I wanna grab both your shoulders and shake baby
Snap out of it (snap out of it)
I get the feeling that I left it too late, but baby
Snap out of it (snap out of it)
If that watch don't continue to swing
All the fat lady fancies having a sing
I'll be waiting ever so patiently for you to 
Snap out of it."

© 2015 Jennifer | 4th | Arctic Monkeys