Social Media Resume

Jennifer Navarrete 

Entrepreneur  •  Podcaster  •  Blogger  •   Instructor  •  Social Media Event Organizer 


Jennifer Navarrete has been sharing her passion for podcasting and blogging since 2005. The emergence of Social Networking has added fuel to the fire as Jennifer shares her knowledge with individuals, groups, and organizations. As a business owner and entrepreneur, she understands the need to effectively utilize the readily available Web 2.0 tools. These tools have the ability to revolutionize the way business owners communicate and stay in touch with their clients.



Jennifer founded The San Antonio Podcasting Group in 2005. The San Antonio Podcasters were instrumental in the creation and success of the first Podcamp in the State of Texas: PodCamp San Antonio. This heralded the begining of the User Generated Conference movement in San Antonio.

In late October 2007, Jennifer created National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) in honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo) and National Vlog Post Month (NaVloPoMo).  This ambitious project was created on October 30th and began on November 1st. The daily podcasts continued up until November 30th. When all was said and done, 50 podcasters had participated in the first-time event. 

Social Media Club San Antonio and Social Media Breakfast are the most recent groups in which Jennifer is involved. Bringing together the Social Media Community in San Antonio to put into practice the "If you get it, share it" mantra.


Jennifer is the lead organizer for Podcamp San Antonio.  Which, with the help of a core group of co-organizers, held events in 2007, 2008 and 2009. After hearing about Startup Weekend, Jennifer decided that it sounded like a perfect fit for the emerging tech community in San Antonio. Once she found a couple of folks who agreed to co-organize the event, Startup Weekend San Antonio was born.  The next event Jennifer wanted to bring to the Alamo city was Barcamp so once again she reached out to the community and Barcamp San Antonio was launched. The latest event Jennifer added to her plate was TweetCamp which was held during the summer of 2009.



Jennifer takes her passion for New Media and Social Networking to the classroom and the office.  Instructing individuals "Podcasting for Fun and Profit" and "Social Media as a Business Tool" through community education courses. Jennifer speaks at entrepreneur and technology conferences, non-profits, higher education and small business.

She conducts hands-on workshops to large groups as well as one-on-one training with individuals. Jennifer holds training webinars several times a year on topics covering basic to advanced social media training and the use of the online tools for business. Enterprise consults with her regarding the nuances of utilizing online tools and effective implementation of social media strategies.



As someone who has been Podcasting since 2005, Jennifer believes everyone has a story to share. She is the co-host and producer of several podcasts: The Morning Brewcast, San Antonio Business Podcast and Tech in Twenty.

The 30 day podcasting phenomenon  known as National Podcast Post Month (NaPodPoMo) continues to grow and recently celebrated it's 3rd year. She is an active member of the podcasting community encouraging new and existing podcasters to experiment with new tools and continue to expand their reach.



Jennifer titled her personal blog Living the Dream. In it you will find posts on entrepreneurship, social networking, tech observations, occassional videos and NaPodPoMo podcasts. 

Her newest business blog is Print Media 100.  It was specifically created to offer helpful tips for business owners in relation to printing.  As a B2B printer, she understood the need to take print verbiage and put it into simple and easy to understand terms.  The Print Media 100 blog also addresses many of the mistakes commonly perpetrated by business owners.

Monthly Meetings:

Social Media Club San Antonio                                        2nd Thursday 

Social Media Breakfast San Antonio                                3rd Wednesday

Camp | UnConference Events

PodCamp San Antonio  1-4                                              May 2007-2010

Startup Weekend San Antonio 1 & 2                                May 2008-2009

MobiCamp San Antonio                                                    February 2011

TweetCamp San Antonio                                                   July 2009