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Jennifer Mercede Art : Brings a Smile to Everyone's Face.  So Fun!

Thank you, Jennifer, for the most precious gift of one of your adorable pink giraffes...

I cried almost all the way home in my car, because I was so moved by your kindness and generosity....and so incredibly excited that I now own one of your dear giraffes!!!
I "forget" that the universe is a friendly and kind place, and that there is love in the most unexpected places....and people! - TA

 **jennifer, your work is amazing!!! I just discovered you here on flickr and now I am happy! - sparkleface


**We are so appreciative of your beautiful artistic creation!  We have it hanging by our bed and often look at it and say "it's so perfect!"  Not only do we absolutely love your artwork, but the added layer of goodness that it was made especially for us makes it even more special.  Thanks for being patient during the brainstorming process and translating my words and ideas into a magical display of bright colors and images.  We will always treasure it.                                                                                                    -r & l   on their commissioned wedding piece


**Jennifer Mercede makes awesome abstract art. It's like the overactive imagination of a two year-old exploded onto a canvas, and wonderfully energetic ideas thoughts and colours just went everywhere. I'm in love with Jennifer's imperfectly messy creativity.   - Lesley  Denford

**Justine Avera, a local photographer, owns a couple of my pieces. In her eloquent words:

 'I look at your paintings every night when I go to sleep, and every morning when I wake up.  I can't tell you how much they make me feel joy, bring peace, make my brain work in happy playful ways.  Thank you for having the "human love and stubbornness" to keep showing up and doing your part.  You make my life better every day because the way you share your spirit. '

 *check out what Jess has to say about my giraffes in nwkids jess says