This is a special retreat... we'll be camping! Singing around the campfire, sleeping in (air conditioned) cabins, enjoying nature, swimming, playing games, reflective writing. 
Oh & we're gonna paint our hearts out....into the wee hours of the night if you so choose.  
In other words, we're gonna have lots of fun! 
Let your creative spirit soar in the natural lands of 
Wekiwa Springs State Park north of Orlando, FL

for more info & to register visit


AUSTIN, TX @ East Space  September 23-25 More details to come!

Past retreats:

A couple times a year I teach special workshops where we focus on freeing up, having fun & getting messy! 
They are an opportunity to dive into your creativity, explore and let go.  

What students are saying:

'Thank you, Jennifer and Leslie! I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me. It's like a secret, beautiful garden with endless possibilities. Honestly, my eyes/mind see things differently now. It was a privilege to explore this new realm with such fun, funny and caring art and soul sisters! XOXO'  DW Atlanta

'I found your class to be very moving and powerful in a subtle sort of way. You seem to be a doodling spiritual leader.' - WH 

'Jennifer, in her kind and humorous way, taught us the art of not getting attached to what was on our canvas.' - LR

'As I participated in these exercises I had many “ah-ha” moments, like seeing my inner critic and the negative things she says. I was in a safe place where I was allowed to vocalize these thoughts and create new positive affirmations to live and create by.' -LA

'When I followed my heart’s desire, I felt SOOO good.  It was like a “full body smile,” as one woman named Tara put it.' - LA

Check out testimonial blogs from :

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Cynthia 2012 - Permission to Play

Jenny Doh 2012 - Struggled. Stretched. Grew.

Some pics from previous classes.


I also work with kiddos & we have lots of fun!!


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They say:

"I learned about just following your dreams, and that you can do what you want to with art." 

"I liked that she only cared if we had fun. "

"One thing that I learned was that sometime art forms make you feel free." 

"Scribbling is art, no matter what anybody says." 

"I like how she let us be ourselves, be creative, and get a little messy. It looks awesome and really cool!" 

"I want to know where to get those boards? I want to get some and do that at home!"