links n' shout outs
Oh these are just some wonderful people and places in my life that have.. well, you know, make this all possible!

Peter Shaver - is an incredible Creative Arts attorney.  He helps me with contracts, all legal questions and lends me his car!

Dave McShane at Perceptual Intent - takes excellent, high quality photos of my work which I use for licensing and archiving. He is always accommodating to my needs and provides great service.

Kara at Tumbleweed and Grasshopper has been influential to my career and runs great business.

Mary Cloos & Amber Jo Hatt also lend me their cars and I am super grateful, for without them, all of my art would never leave my studio!

Fabulous Artists :  including some of my FAVS, people I've collaborated with and artists
who make this great community what it is.


& Beyond

Where to go to get

Dick Blick is my favorite online spot to get art supplies.
Michaels is also pretty affordable. 
Sometimes I like to buy Nova Color paint.

Ryan Boutte builds my wood boxes! will turn your art photos to canvas.

Places & Spaces

Launchpad Gallery is a fantastic gallery if you are looking to 'launch' into your art career.