Jennifer Mercede
 was born in Long Beach, CA and grew up in Connecticut. At a young age Jennifer began making art, inspired by her grandmother, a free-spirited watercolorist. She spent hours making hundreds of floral greeting cards and loved having the house to herself, so she could crank up the music and work on creative projects.

After graduating with a BA in Painting from Western Washington University, Jennifer took a few years to live life Bohemian style, enthusiastically checking off : hitch-hiking to Alaska, Heli-skiing, leading Wilderness trips in the Everglades, living in her station wagon on Key West, renting out a corner of a corner of
a Brooklyn artist loft and selling handmade jewelry on the streets of Manhattan.

She eventually landed in Portland, OR where began to show in small coffee shops. With the loving support of a great community, Jennifer began to emerge as an artist. Now her work is well known throughout Portland and is owned internationally.

Her paintings consist of free flowing text, bright color fields, and crazy energetic doodling. Internally guided they involve letting go, taking big risks and trusting that there is no such thing as a mistake. They are meant to enjoy and motivate. She is
inspired by color, children’s art, life adventures, hip hop flavor, graffiti, abstract expressionism, inner guidance and her creative friends.