art RULES to live by

When I first started to paint on a daily basis, there were some limitations in my mind I had to rid myself of...and some new ways to embrace.  Below I share today the list I created for myself back then.

'RULES' that can fuck off:

* you must paint BIG   *  you must paint, not draw!!!  *don't just color in the lines  *hold the paint brush like a brush, not a pencil.    * painting must be HARD.. painful... frustrating.  like WORK   *its not a good idea to use colored pencils    *don't waste your time making mistakes

Would you like to install the following programs into your computer?   ACCEPT     ASK LATER    DECLINE 

*doing things for art, for artistic development is NOT procrastination    *creating an exact vision -or close to it, TAKES TIME!!  -yes I want to paint big, but I also want to PAINT (start somewhere)    * ONE STEP AT A TIME!  *use your fingers   *dark, even muted colors I don't love,, mixed with bright- I like!     *draw lots 'n lots of circles   *I don't care what anyone thinks!! -of my art   -of my choices   - of my life  -I only care what I think.    * Basquiat said it was okay (thank you)   *Ed Bereal- to me this isn't vomiting!! this is my voice-a critical part of my voice- it is good enough! (you have no idea what my intentions are!!)   *I can do lots of styles!  crasy, more methodical, cartoony, etc. etc.   Sometimes they mesh, sometimes not, they are all valuable  * I follow Little Jenni LaLa's lead :)   

*there is no such thing as a mess up!!