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Selected Published Papers

Sarangee, K., Woolley, J.L., Schmidt, J., Long, E. Forthcoming. "De-escalation Mechanisms in High Technology Product Innovation." Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Woolley, J.L. 2014. “Opportunities for Social Value Creation across Supply Chain Interactions.” Emerging Research Directions in Social Entrepreneurship edited by Larry Pate and Charles Wankel. New York: Springer. pp 51-66.

Woolley, J.L. 2014. “Nascent Technology Entrepreneurship Supply Chain Emergence.” Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship edited by François Thérin. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. 304-324. 

Bruno, A.V., Woolley, J.L., & Carlson, E. 2014. “An Empirical Analysis of the Missions, Funding Sources, and Survival of Social Ventures.”  JHU Research Series on Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Theory and Empirical Research in Social Entrepreneurship. edited by P. Phan, J. Kickul, M. Nordqvist. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing. pp. 174-190.

Under Review

Alvarez, S.A., Young, S.L., & Woolley, J.L. “The Creation of the World’s Deadliest Catch.”   

Woolley, J.L., MacGregor, N. “Timing and Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy in Nascent Domains.”  

Woolley, J.L.  “Supporting Nascent Technology Commercialization through Public and Private Funding: Nanotechnology in Review.” 

Madsen, T.L., Sarangee, K., & Woolley, J.L. “Using Internet-based Collaboration Technologies for Innovation: Crowdsourcing vs. Expertsourcing.”

Working Papers
Woolley, J.L. “SBIR and STTR Funding Influences on Nascent Technology Venture Survival.” 

Woolley, J.L. “The Influence of Technology Origins on New Venture Outcomes.” 

Woolley, J.L. “Building a System of Governing Nascent Technology Emergence.”

Woolley, J.L., Madsen, T.L. “Professional-User Innovation: A Process Model.”