candy corn cake pops


1 box carrot cake

1/2 can vanilla frosting

1 bag white candy melts

1 bag orange candy melts

1 bag yellow candy melts

lollipop sticks


Bake the cake according to box directions and let cool completely. Then, transfer it into a large mixing bowl and break it up with your hands. Add the frosting and mix together. Then, form triangles out of small ping-pong sized balls of cake and place on a wax paper lined plate. Repeat until you have desired amounts of cake pops then place cake triangles into the freezer and let sit for an hour.

Melt each color candy melt in a separate bowl in the microwave for a minute each. Stick end of each lollipop stick in the melted candy (this will help the cake pops stay on the stick!). Working one at a time, dip cake triangle into the yellow candy then stick on the lollipop stick. Then, dip into the orange and finally the white. The frosting should harden in only about five minutes.

Continue with each cake pop and store in the fridge. There are many different ideas for cake pop "carriers" but I just used an old egg crate!