Clavis Primary School

This is Clavis Primary where Carly taught music for two years. Clavis serves reception to Year 6 (Kindergarten - 6th grade). It is a private school, so the students come from wealthy families. There is a large gap between the qualitiy of education received in private schools and public schools in Mauritius. All students in Mauritius wear uniforms. The school year goes from January to November and is divided into trimesters. They observe many holidays due to the diversity of religions represented. Clavis built a music building  for Carly to teach in!



The Music Room

Seating for the cafeteria

A hallway




The Library


 They painted the ceiling tiles in the library for famous children's books




6th Grade Math


A student project



Computer Lab
 Headmaster Hamer


 Bus, but most students are dropped off
and picked up by their families
Clavis is on the side of a mountain
 House where Carly lived