What is this?  Conjuguemos is a site used to practice vocabulary and conjugation.  The program works as a "quiz" to see how many vocabulary words or verbs students can conjugate in 5 minutes.  Once students are done, they record the grade to the site and I can see their progress.  This is a wonderful tool that has very beneficial results. 
Expectations:  Typically you will have a conjuguemos assignment assigned on Monday of each week and you will have until Friday (5 days) to complete the assignment.  You will have 5 minutes to take the "quiz," however you may NOT change any of the settings.  You will usually be expected to complete a minimum of 30 vocabulary words or conjugations in 5 minutes for the grade to be accepted.  Most students go well above 30, but some may experience problems at first.  If you do feel challenged to complete 30 words, talk to me BEFORE the assignment is due and I can provide some suggestions to help you.  Additionally, you may take the "quiz" as many times as you would like by the due date.  I record the highest grade you received.  This is very important to remember....ALWAYS click send/record to save the grades other wise I will have no record that you took the quiz!!!   Also, check with me that I received your grade; this is your responsibility.  If you choose to wait until the last night before the assignment is due, you will be taking a risk of me possibly not receiving the grade.  There is a link within the site that allows you to view that your grades were saved.  Since you have 5 days to complete the task, NO LATE WORK will be accepted.
Account Set-up:  Click on the attachment for directions on setting up the account.

Melissa Ruiz,
Aug 13, 2008, 8:29 AM