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Ryan surprised me with trip to Santa Monica, CA. He only let me know two days a head of time. The reason for the trip, he said, was just to get away and relax and spend some quality time together. That sounded like a good reason to me. I was so excited. When I told her, my mom said, "Oh! You'll probably get engaged!" No way.

On our first day there we browsed the shops of Beverly Hills, saw stars in Hollywood, and drove down the Sunset Strip right to our hotel across the street from the Santa Monica Pier.

The next day Ryan woke me up at 5 am by standing in the doorway or their hotel room and saying "Come on! We have to go!" I immediately thought the building was on fire (It was OK! I knew where the emergency exits were!). When I realized the place wasn't burning down, I was still a bit dazed and confused and a little mad about the wake up call.

Ryan explained that he wanted to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to see the sunrise. I thought this was weird because they were on the west coast and the sun rises in the east, but I remembered her mom's words and agreed to the journey.

We drove up the highway and marveled at the gigantic houses and imagined what it would be like to be there. Then we drove back to town and had breakfast. I teased Ryan about waking me up so early and told him that I thought he was going to propose!

That day we hung out on the beach and body surfed. It was a blast! We had definitely worked up an appetite so we decided to go out for a nice dinner. We chose MariaSol's--a mexican resturant--our favorite--on the end of the Santa Monica Pier.
After dinner we walked barefoot along the beach holding hands and talked about how happy we were with our life together.

As the sun was setting, Ryan got down on one knee told me how much he loved me and asked "Will you marry me?" My answer? "Are you serious! Yes! Of course!"

Then I cried until a giant wave came and washed my shoes out to sea. As I chased after them, I realized that I hadn't even looked at my ring! I looked down and saw it sparkling in the moonlight.

I couldn't have asked for anything more.