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Here are some of my DIY projects for indoors. Its always in progress. 

Laundry Room Makeover

I wanted to spice up our laundry room space for several reasons. Its the first room you walk into when entering the house from the garage. Its not huge, but its a decent size so this is where one of my dogs stay when we leave. We have a front load washer and dryer and cabinets above them so it feels like a room with a purpose--just needed a little help.

I have decided to dedicate the space to my dogs--black and white theme and lots of pictures. I will be painting the walls a light grey (BM Balboa Mist--same color as the den in our townhouse). Its a happy grey that will brighten it up.

This isn't the before or the after--its the during. Its a mess, forgive me. It gives you an idea of the layout...the back door is to the left. That is the bench I am planning on painting black.

This is my dog Paree (right) and their mom, Mattie (left). I had to pay homage to the cutie.

This is Benny (left) and their dad (right). They look SO much alike! I plan on hanging hooks below each set of pictures to hold their leashes and harnesses.

This is the wall above the bench. I took each of these photos myself and changed them to BW and had them printed at Walgreens. The frames are from CB and I ordered the mats in a bright white from

This is above the laundry sink. I am in the process of sprucing that up as well--stay tuned for updates!

Frame Wall Project

I have a very small powder room that needed some decorating. Based on its size I was very limited in the number of accessories I could fit. Also, the color had to be fairly neutral so as not to overpower the space.

My solution: a frame wall.

I assembled a collection a bunch of randomly sized and styled frames from old pieces I had around the house and thrift stores. Next I sanded and cleaned them.

A coat of primer and a few coats of pure white gloss spray paint gave them completely new life. They instantly became retro and modern all at the same time.

 I arranged them on the wall in no particular order--just made sure to mix up the styles, shapes and orientation to create a balanced feel. I had to strategically place a few of them to fit the towel bar mounting hardware.

(See Before & After for final reveal!)


Knobs and pulls from nickel for the kitchen and chrome for the bathrooms.

They are just about identical to the ones throughout the rest of the house--and not even on purpose!

Ryan getting serious about knob installation.

Much better!