I am a
PhD student in the Department of CSE at the Ohio State University, advised by Prof. Alan Ritter.

My research focuses on natural language processing using machine learning. Currently, I am working on semi-supervised event extraction and date resolution from the twitter data.

  • Time Expression Resolution for Social Media Data [pdf]
    Jeniya Tabassum, Alan Ritter and Wei Xu
    Proceedings of WiNLP 2017

  • TweeTIME: A Minimally Supervised Method for Recognizing and Normalizing Time Expressions in Twitter 
    [code][pdf] [slides] [video]
    Jeniya Tabassum, Alan Ritter and Wei Xu
    Proceedings of EMNLP 2016

  • Distant Supervision for Temporal Resolution [pdf]
    Jeniya Tabassum and Alan Ritter
    Proceedings of MASC-SLL 2016

  • Role of Social Media in Disaster Response in the Context of Savar Tragedy [pdf]
    Jeniya Tabassum, Himel Dev, Mohammed Eunus Ali and Md. Fahim Abdullah
    Proceedings of WADM, 2013. 

  • Extract and Rank Web Communities [pdf]
    Asif Salekin, Jeniya Tabassum, and Masud Hasan
    Proceedings of WIMS 2013


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