I am a Software Engineer at Amazon AWS working on developing machine learning frameworks.

Before joining Amazon, I received my Ph.D. from the Department of CSE at Ohio State University, with a focus Natural Language Processing. I have developed multiple supervised and semi-supervised machine learning systems that are capable of extracting structured information from noisy user-generated texts. (dissertation).

Email: <firstname><lastname>@gmail.com

GitHub: https://github.com/jeniyat/

Research Projects

Fine Grained Entity Extraction from Software Text

Entity and Relation Extraction from Wet Lab Protocol

  • Built an entity-relation corpus for the procedural texts from 700+ lab recipes

  • Organized a shared task at EMNLP ’20

  • Developed Ensemble models for both NER and RE

  • Achieved F1 Score of 76.84 for NER task

  • Achieved F1 Score of 81.32 for RE task [current SOTA]

  • Related Publications: Tabassum et al. EMNLP '20

  • Code/Data: https://github.com/jeniyat/WNUT_2020_NER, https://github.com/jeniyat/WNUT_2020_RE

User Profile Mining From Twitter

Learning Semantics from Software Social Network

  • Extracted proximity from the followers activity of 84M+ Github repositories

  • Proposed Repository Embeddings to evaluate similarities in repositories

  • Created repository embeddings by analyzing text content from repository-user network

  • Code/Data: https://github.com/jeniyat/Github-Repository-Embedding

Time Information Resolution from Tweets

Social Media on Disaster Response

  • Explored the impact of social media during a national disaster by analyzing the post about the Savar Tragedy

  • Proposed co-ordinated approach of relief distribution by mining-out repetitive post

  • Related Publications: Tabassum et al. WADM '13

Web Community Extraction

  • Proposed a novel extraction and ranking algorithm for web communities

  • Demonstrated improvement in auctions of a sponsored search market by utilizing the proposed algorithm

  • Related Publications: Salekin, Tabassum and Hasan, WIMS '13


  • Code and Named Entity Recognition in StackOverflow


Jeniya Tabassum, Mounica Maddela, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter

Proceedings of ACL 2020

  • WNUT-2020 Task 1 Overview: Extracting Entities and Relations from Wet Lab Protocols


Jeniya Tabassum, Sydney Lee, Wei Xu and Alan Ritter

Proceedings of EMNLP-WNUT 2020

  • Time Expression Resolution for Social Media Data [pdf]

Jeniya Tabassum, Alan Ritter and Wei Xu

Proceedings of ACL-WiNLP 2017

  • TweeTIME: A Minimally Supervised Method for Recognizing and Normalizing Time Expressions in Twitter

[code][pdf] [slides] [video]

Jeniya Tabassum, Alan Ritter and Wei Xu

Proceedings of EMNLP 2016

  • Distant Supervision for Temporal Resolution [pdf]

Jeniya Tabassum and Alan Ritter

Proceedings of MASC-SLL 2016

  • Role of Social Media in Disaster Response in the Context of Savar Tragedy [pdf]

Jeniya Tabassum, Himel Dev, Mohammed Eunus Ali and Md. Fahim Abdullah

Proceedings of WADM 2013

  • Extract and Rank Web Communities [pdf]

Asif Salekin, Jeniya Tabassum, and Masud Hasan

Proceedings of WIMS 2013


  • ACL D&I Scholarship for participating ACL 2020.

  • WiNLP Travel Award for participating ACL 2017.

  • Google Travel Award for attending Google NLU workshop 2017.

  • Student Travel Award for participating Grad Cohort 2016.

  • Dean's List Award for academic excellence in last three completed years, BUET.

  • University Merit Scholarship for academic excellence in all semesters, BUET .

  • Champion, Bangladesh National Math Olympiad, 2006.

  • Dhaka Education Board Scholarship for excellence in the HSC examination, '07-'11 (top 5%).

  • Dhaka Education Board Scholarship for excellence in the SSC examination, '04-'06 (top 5%).


Program Committee

  • Program Committee, ACL-IJCNLP 2021

  • Program Committee, NAACL-SRW 2021

  • Program Committee, EMNLP 2020

  • Reviewer, ACL 2020

  • Reviewer, WiNLP 2020

  • Reviewer, AIRE Journal 2019 - 2020

  • Program Committee, AAAI 2020

  • Program Committee, WNUT 2019

  • Reviewer, EMNLP 2019

  • Reviewer, HCC 2019

  • Reviewer, ACL 2019

  • Reviewer, NAACL-HLT (SRW) 2019

  • Program Committee, WNUT 2019

  • Program Committee, WNUT 2018

  • Reviewer, COLING 2018

  • Student Chair, ACL-SRW 2018

  • Student Organizer, NLP Speaker Series at OSU (2016-2018)

  • Program Committee, WNUT 2017

  • Panel Member at WIE session, ICCIT 2016

  • Sub-reviewer, WWW 2017

  • Program Committee, WNUT 2016

  • Program Committee, MASC-SLL, 2016

  • Trainer, BD Math Camp 2007