Or maybe they wait to cross the street because it's the LAW, and they're not impatient nincompoops

posted Feb 26, 2013, 5:31 PM by Jenee Pearson Hughes   [ updated Feb 26, 2013, 5:35 PM ]
I get a bit miffed when people get mad at me for waiting at crosswalks when it's "clear", but the DON'T WALK light is on. I mean, is it really going to kill you to follow directions? I hope you follow lights while you're in your car--why wouldn't you do the same while walking? Grrrr...

So today, when I happened upon this article on Digg, I was a bit frustrated.  It made vast over-generalizations about people crossing the street, shoehorning said street-crossers into pre-set molds, the way a rookie pastor makes over-simplified analogies during a sermon.

So, your "bold person" just walks into traffic, expecting people and cars to kowtow to them? And that's *good*? Uh huh. Sure. 

So, the "followers" wait until lots of people are disobeying the DO NOT WALK sign, and then follow people into the street? They're not "doing it because everyone's doing it." They're doing it because the odds of them getting hit when there's a whole crowd of people are  a lot smaller, and they are making a risk assessment.

And the hate for people who follow street signs just baffles me.  If the signs are there, someone did some sort of transportation study that helped with traffic flow, and I'll get across eventually without messing that up.  What if a car turns a corner, sees their green light, and guns it? THEN WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO, YOU MEASURED-RISK TAKER!

...I know it's difficult to be an excessively patient person, but DANG. If a three year old can wait until the sign says WALK, so can you. Are you less patient than a three year old?