Geeky Women are having a moment. VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

posted Apr 15, 2013, 12:00 AM by Jenee Pearson Hughes
Apparently, there's been an explosion of coverage on Women in Geekdom and Tech.  Apparently, the whole wide world of tech is catching on to the idea that there are women in geeky professions and hobbies, and that those women are, in fact, not alright with having to hide their gender online in order to avoid sexist comments.

It's about time. We've been here a while, you know. 

My first indication of this trend was my male friend sending me a link to an article about women in tech, with a comment to the tune of "Woah! I just read this article, and I didn't realize there were so many women who weren't cool with how women are treated in tech. Have you read it?"  In fact, I had read it, several months before, but I was surprised that he would have stumbled across it, given what I knew of his typical news sources. 

My second indication that this was happening was via the Quora question Women in Technology: Why have "women in technology" issues rapidly increased in exposure/publicity in the last 12-24 months?  

My third indication that this was a larger issue that'd thoroughly penetrated outside my fem-tech bubble was this blog post by John Scalzi (!!!):
Reader Request Week 2013 #9: Women and Geekdom 

I really, really like him as a writer, and now, I like him even more as a person. Yay John Scalzi!

I really liked this quote from the comments, by @improbablejoe:

One of the “less invalid” complaints I hear from male geeks is that women are ruining geek culture by expecting “special treatment.” They argue that they insult everyone using sexist slurs, are are generally abusive to one another, and now here are all these women who expect to be treated differently? Why should geek culture change for them? Which, I mean… it has a certain internal logic and lack of self-awareness that is sort of impressive

But if your defense of yourself and your friends is “we’re not really specifically sexist, we’re actually just generally nasty, horrible human beings” then I’m not sure how you expect not to be shunned and excluded in the long term.