So, in case you're interested in what I look like "on paper", I've created this subpage, to house my  extended resume.   I've attached the abbreviated version to this page as a pdf. You can find it at the bottom!

 Notable Projects and Publications

Thesis (2012): Built a C++ program that discovers all possible exact oronyms (also known as mondegreens) for a supplied phrase. Then, for each oronym generated, my system calculates the likelihood of the originally supplied phrase being misheard as that oronym.

Melody Matcher (2011) (Published in the proceedings of UCSB's Graduate Student Workshop on Computing) Created an Artificial Intelligence program that identifies song lyrics with a high potential to be misheard, based on emphasis matching and syllable length, among other things.  Developed the core algorithm from scratch, based on extensive research and personal knowledge, in less than six weeks.

Raytracer (2010):   Wrote a ray-tracer in C++ that interprets POVray's file format to generate a lighted scene.

Foam Wars (2009):          Developed RFID scoring system for a laser-tag-like game for people with partial quadriplegia on an interdisciplinary engineering team.

Disney's ImagiNations (2009):   Led an interdisciplinary team to the semi-finals; designed & pitched a Disney ride

Software Capstone (2009):          Worked on a team of Software Engineers to create a cloud-based mobile scheduling application with phone- and browser-based interfaces, geared towards small businesses. 

Extracurriculars and Awards

·   Founder('07), President('07,'08,'11), Secretary('10) & VP('09) of Women Involved in Software and Hardware (WISH)

· Outstanding Women in Engineering Award Recipient 2011; Nominee in 2008

·   Startup Weekend SLO ‘12 Honorable Mention for Creative Use of Technology for, a game based on a custom phonetic algorithm

·  7th place in the ACM SoCal Programming Competition (ICPC) in 2009; Participant in 2007,2008,2010

·   Only non-PhD student to give a talk at UCSB’s Graduate Student Workshop on Computing (Fall 2011)

·   Maquette Sculpture with Richard Miller at Industrial Light and Magic, 2009, 2010

        ·   Improv Acting with Rebecca Stockley of BATS Improv, 2009, 2010 

Volunteer Experience

Cinemagic 2002-2005  Student Director, Backstage Manager, working on sets, sound, and lighting. 

Work Experience

iFixit Intern         (Spring 2012)

-Worked as a programmer on Dozuki, a SaaS platform for technical documentation, debugging and adding new features in a PHP/javascript codebase.

Improved site search for and all Dozuki nanosites, modifying their existing query parser to more robustly handle issues like word-stemming, pluralization, and misspelling.

Apple Intern         (Summer 2011)          

           - Worked as a software developer on the Music Apps team

           - Labored under the legendarily-ironclad Apple NDA

Lucasfilm Intern   (Summer 09/10) 

-Worked on Lucasfilm’s Production Systems team, which oversees ILM’s render farm

- Developed a syntactic parser to extract meaningful software license data from a text file, potentially saving the company over $3 million dollars in new licenses

- Helped move essential production scripts off of desktops and onto servers, working with key members of ILM production staff to identify dependencies and potential optimizations in over 50 Python scripts supporting four ongoing productions.

- Used the Visio Developer Environment to diagram and take inventory of over 900 machines in the data center                                                                                                                                    

- Updated and debugged Perl scripts used to keep track of crucial tape backups

Amgen Intern       (December 2007)    (Summer 07/08) 

- Worked in a 20-person Storage and Backup group, and a five person Monitoring Group

- Used Visio and the Visio Developer Environment to create a map of the physical locations of 100+ servers and filers, and created documentation to facilitate upkeep.

- Enacted international multimedia cleanup initiative that saved Amgen over $500,000



California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Masters in Computer Science, and Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering, 2013

Major Classes: Grad Graphics; Artificial Intelligence; Advanced Rendering; Animation; Individual Software Development (305); Grad Distributed Computing; Software Engineering; Interactive Entertainment;

Notable non-major classes: Circuit Analysis; Welding; Choir; Technical Writing for Engineers; Theater


Computer Skills

Languages: C++, C, Java, Perl, Python; some PHP, Javascript, Racket, Assembly

Other: SQL (SQLite), HTML, CSS, OpenGL, GLSL, Advanced Excel, 

Jenee Pearson Hughes,
Apr 9, 2013, 4:17 PM