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Carousel OF DOOM!!!

Game Backstory
You are a retired baseball player, who always carries with him his lucky baseball mitt.  While at a carnival, you run into your long-time nemesis--who also carries his lucky baseball mitt.  You're about to verbally spar, when suddenly, a storm appears!  Lightning strikes the carousel, and it begins to spin wildly out of control!  Babies and carousel animals are starting to be flung off the carousel!  You and your rival put aside your differences (temporarily, of course), and rush to help the screaming infants!  You both know that you need to avoid the carousel animals (sharks and elephants in this's a bit of a weird carousel...).

How To Play:
You and your real-life archnemesis (or friend, I suppose, if you'd like) control two characters on the screen: one red, and one blue.  The blue character is controlled with the W,A S, and D keys, and the red character is controlled with the arrow keys.  Each character has its own score kept, in the bottom right for the red player, and in the bottom left for the blue player.  For each level, you race to see who gets five points the fastest.  When you catch a baby, you get a point.  When you get hit by a shark or elephant, a point is subtracted from your score.

WARNING: THERE'S A LOUD, REPEATING THUNDER NOISE ON THE OPENING SCREEN OF THE GAME.  You may want to mute your sound before clicking on the game link:
Seriously. It's loud. And annoying. Don't say I didn't warn you.  Other than that, though, the game is a blast to play with a friend. :) It's especially fun if you consistantly call your fellow player a baby-killer every time a baby flies off-screen. 

This was the first flash game I ever created, albeit in a team.  It's not perfect, but it holds a special place in my heart.  I've actually lost the source code for it (total system meltdowns are no fun), or I would go back and fix the technical mistakes, like the weird trajectory of the flung carousel denizens, or the bug that allows you to float through the carousel on the Wind Level; and the design mistakes (most notably, the repeating thunder sound on the landing page...).