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I'm a first soprano with (approximately) a three-plus octave range, last time I measured. I love it, because there are very few songs with notes I can't hit (though, I'll admit, I don't sound particularly nice on some of the edge notes :D)

Original Recordings

I haven't done it lately, but I used to have the privilege of recording original songs for other songwriters. The recordings aren't of me at my vocal best, but I still love them.  

 If you search my name on google, you'll find "The Internet Opera", for which I recorded two songs: "Finishing School" and "The Seahag's Song".  I recorded those in 2004/05, I believe.  

My favorite of all the songs I recorded was "Sweet Little Dance", with music by LJ Montgomery, and lyrics by the amazing James B. Mitchell, who taught me everything I know about music and vocal theory. I think I recorded this in December 2004-ish.

Front Porch Band

From 2011 to 2012, I was lucky enough to be part of a fantastic band at Front Porch. We did worship music for the church meetings, and various regular song covers at our coffeehouse's Open Mic nights.  I did lead vocals, and kept the band on-track during practices :)   We'd get together about a week before the Open Mic, pick a setlist of three to five songs, and practice them well enough to be fairly together, but not well enough that we'd make anyone else look bad. :P

Here's a video of us doing "Rolling in the Deep" from January 28th, 2012.  I'm quite fond of that one, because it challenged me vocally. The end result, though not perfect, is something I'm quite quite proud of.

Here are videos of many of our other covers, listed in no particular order:

"Seven Nation Army" (White Stripes cover)