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An Ethical Analysis of Clubs for Women in Computer Science

The Report Itself

This is a PDF of my final report for CSC 300 (Professional Responsibilities), rather sensationally-entitled "WISHing for a better future? Or Harbinger of Doom? An Ethical Analysis of Clubs forWomen In Computer Science."  In addition to ethical analysis, it covers and analyzes a lot of data on women in computer science, nationally and at Cal Poly (I apologize in advance for the horrible formatting of the table of contents, and would beg that you skip it altogether.  It's horrid. While Word's automatic Table of Contents generator is useful, it doesn't work very well when you don't conform to the guidelines it sets for style usage. ).


Pretty Graphs

This Excel Workbook(.xls) contains all the charts that I created using data from Cal Poly's Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis (IPA).


The Raw Data from IPA* on CSC/SE/CPE

CSC Program Profile

SE Program Profile

CPE Program Profile


I hope you find this as interesting as I do!

*IPA = Cal Poly's Office of Institutional Planning and Analysis

Guestbooks are a little 1990s, but I get so much email about this page, I thought I'd put some place for people top express their opinions on the subject.  I sincerely doubt it'll actually get used, but for now, I'll just enjoy this blast from the past!

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